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This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts wrote a flat earth book called, “The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective”; he has a YouTube channel named YourCurvelessEarth; and a website called

Nathan commented on this website with the following message:

Note: My comments are in red.

ALL of the same content that is in my book is FREE through my YouTube channel (YourCurvelessEarth), Facebook page (The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth), and on my website (

I looked for the information on the website and only found a graphic with the verses on it, but not the contents of the book.

Furthermore, that content is all free and accessible in God’s Word, all 200 plus verses that point to a stationary and flat earth with a dome over our head.

I proved that the 200 verses that Nathan cited, do not prove that the Earth is flat on this post.

For anyone to state otherwise, and even publish a website, against this biblical truth is quite insane.

It’s insane to take all of those verses out of context, to manipulate them into implying that the Earth is flat!

You have to delude God’s Word to believe in anything other than a stationary and flat earth when reading God’s Word in CONTEXT…which you seem to have a difficult time doing.

Flat earthers are deluded into thinking that the flat earth is some kind of grand conspiracy, so much so, that they can’t even comprehend the context of Scripture.

Your website not only fortifies your own delusion to accepting God’s Word as ALWAYS faithful and true, it also leads others in the same direction who are interested in seeking God’s Word. You are preach FALSE doctrine in a VERY BOLD way.

This website provides logical, observable proofs that the Earth is curved.  The contents on this website represent what I found to be true, when I researched to see if the Earth is flat or not.

For those who are attempting to research this topic from a Biblical perspective your website doesn’t do any justice to God’s Word, it is an embarrassment and a shame.

My Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth exposes that flat earthers are manipulating Scripture to make invalid points.

The confusion you espouse on your website gets absorbed by unsuspecting researchers and then they bring that confusion into their relationships, and that is what causes the division.

Researchers are welcome to review the information on this website and draw their own conclusions.  Nathan treats researchers as if they have no ability to discern the truth for themselves.

Your work is a complete and utter disservice to unity that should be found in God’s Word.

Please!  I’ve had flat earthers unfriend me because they can’t tolerate someone who disagrees with them.  Flat earthers are causing the strife between believers, by pushing their beliefs on everyone.

By the way…did you know that water ALWAYS finds level, I know…its profound.

That point proves nothing!  Water finds its level on a globe earth too.  Water flows North on the Nile, as it moves from a higher elevation to sea level.  

Oh, and the curvature that should exist is nowhere to be found either on ground or over 100,000 feet in the air (minus Fish-eye lens cameras).

My Photos Prove The Flat Earth Deception page proves that there is a curve.  I did not use NASA photos, and I used photos that have been submitted by flat earthers; who apparently don’t know how to use a ruler to draw a straight line, or they would see that the Earth is curved in their own photos.  Of course, flat earthers dismiss any image showing curvature, saying that it’s a fish-eye lens.  

You need to take this website down, repent, and publicly apologize to all people you have steered wrong…otherwise, you are nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing from my standpoint. May God bless your obedience.

Such arrogance!  Nothing Nathan has said has swayed me one bit.  He has not provided any proof, just bad theology, and flat earther sound bites.  

Here is my rebuttal of your Facebook post Nathan. None of the verses that you provided prove that the Earth is flat. You are the one who should repent, apologize to all of the people who you have misled, remove your website and stop selling your books.

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