Nathan Roberts FlatEarthDoctrine Small Level Bubble Proves That The Earth Is Flat

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this image on his Facebook FlatEarthDoctrine page, of Robert Foertsch holding a small level bubble up to the horizon.

Is that supposed to prove that the earth is flat???  LOL!

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted this image of Robert Foertsch holding a small level bubble up to the horizon, I guess to prove that the earth is flat

John Cortina commented,

You know, the Earth is ENORMOUS. 40,000 odd kilometres in circumference. If you expect to see some curviture out of that small portion of horizon from the spirit level which what – represents maybe a kilometre or two’s worth there – the Earth would indeed be a very small place. Just think about it.  Posts like these make me think your either being satire, or just a bunch of indoctrinated fools who will be anything.

I agree!  It’s posts like this that make flat earthers look silly!

And sadly, it has 239 likes and shares!  Ugh!

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Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!