Nathan Roberts FE 2018 Flat Earth Conference Video Of Logan Paul

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Nathan Roberts posted this video from the FE2018 Flat Earth conference, showing Logan Paul, an American actor and internet celebrity, proclaiming that he believes that the earth is flat.

Ironically, he was in movie The Space Between Us, a 2017 American romantic science fiction film directed by Peter Chelsom and written by Allan Loeb, from a story by Stewart Schill, Richard Barton Lewis and Loeb. The film stars Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, and Carla Gugino, and follows a teenage boy, born on Mars, who travels to Earth.

Logan Paul is the guy who published a video from Aokigahara, Japan; where people go to commit suicide.  He encountered a suicide victim’s body hanging from a tree. Instead of turning the camera off, he continued filming, and later uploaded close-up shots of the corpse, with the person’s face blurred out.

I could be wrong, but I’ve not seen that he’s a believer; so will he promote the Creator and Gospel of Scripture?  Isn’t that the point?

It’s a sad statement about the people in charge of FE2018 and Nathan Roberts, to be so desperate for acknowledgment of their flat earth theory, that they promote this guy!

Update: Watch this interview of Logan Paul at FE2018 and you know that’s he’s not serious about believing that the earth is flat. 

Flat Earth Just got Punked by Logan Paul. In this leaked video, Logan Paul is seen outside the conference venue with a reporter. They are obviously trolling her with their ridiculous answers to her serious questions. Just WEEKS ago, Logan Paul made a comment to an acquaintance from YouTube channel, ‘YES THEORY”, that he is about to film his best work yet and that the prank was going to go viral. Well I gues THIS is it! Logan Paul is NOT a Flat Earther, but was filming footage for a future documentary where the Flat Earth is mad fun of.

Here are some comments from flat earthers on Nathan Roberts video from the FE2018 Flat Earth conference, showing Logan Paul; which are very skeptical:

Hacking the Headlines
wow – that is wild – but kinda seems a little suspicious following Shane Dawson’s flat earth video and all the other celebs who have talked about it. He seems genuine though. Cant wait to see if he makes any videos about it.

Jerrad Gindlesberger
What he did in Japan concerns me. Even Rick Hummer wasn’t transparent about why Mark Sargent left…. Mark Sargent left because Logan Paul is there. I’m really confused right now. red flags all over the place

Walking Truth
Something is brewing, I don’t know what it is but I can sense it..

Leo Beyers
Yeah seems fishy to me too

Walking Truth
@FlatEarthDoctrine that is the kind of person we need to stay in their satanic lifestyle doing all the dodgy handshakes and hand signs and helping to wreck the teenagers moral compass thus sending them on their way to hell.
I Dont understand you with this comment.

Editor’s Note: I understand, as Nathan will promote anyone who promotes the flat earth.

Jerrad Gindlesberger
I would have argued that Mark Sargent is one of the big shills in the community yet he is the one who had the conviction to get straight up and leave as soon as he found out that Logan was coming. I have to say, my respect for Mark went through the roof on that one! Why don’t the Christians have as much discernment and as much conviction as Mark Sargent does? This concerns me.

Christopher Abnett
Not buying this for a sec, something not right. pretty sure everyone still remembers his dead body incident that crippled him? and here hes back as a flat earther mmmm, JMO

Wake Up!
Logan paul is lieing because if you know him you know when ever he does somthing new he Records it and upload it on his channel.and he didnt with this so hes playing games hes not really intrested

Harry Areola
He’s going to prank FE and make it look stupid.

Not genuine. Def got paid

He’s a Disney kid Satanist. Obviously he came to do the work of the enemy. FE will gain nothing by having this person who plays a doofus on YouTube be a face for it.

John Freemill
You managed to find a delusional out of touch Hollywood millionaire. That’s totally shocking. Flat Earth is stagnating.

True Christian
I’m not buying this. Most likely he is doing it for publicity, and then he is going to “switch” back to being a globe believer, just like every other celebrity and/or pseudo-celebrity who has pretended to be a flat earther has done thus far.

Give me an EFing Break, This guy and his brother work for DIZNEY! You think this is for real? All shills and Controlled ops here.

nuttty peanut butter
16 hours ago (edited)
He’s just trying to get paid by the organization he’s not a real flat earther its a scam

Walking Truth
Complete and absolute bull$h|t to have someone hellbound as a celebrity.
Awful, just awful.
Hi Nathan, hope you are having less of a stressful time than skyfall.

Wint James
This guy screams red flag in my heart. Hope i’m wrong! Thanks so much for all you do for God, much love brother!

Raymond Tsai
Dumbest guy in the world

James Harold
that guy is a patsy

Quantum Jump
Until further proof, he’s not being serious.

I going for troll. You have that video by flat earth focker where logan paul says his friend is a flat earther and hes looking into but but needs the hard evidence before he could say hes a flat earther. He also said he was there because his friend dragged him there. So yeah im going troll

Caidema Official
I really dont trust him

Holli S.
“Globe heads? Is that what you call them?” It’s like he knows about flat earth but doesn’t.. this has to be a prank video.

Eyal Harel
Kids he’s trolling

Anna Gudmundsen
He went to a Jesuit High school, the guys who have been pushing the Baal since Martin Luther broke the Matrix . He is going to do what he does best, troll.

Note: The Jesuits are behind the flat earth movement, to cover over the evidence of the geocentric globe earth.

Harry Areola
He’s going to prank FE and make it look stupid.

Note: Nobody needs to make you look stupid, you’re doing that by yourself.

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