Nathan Roberts and MCToon flat earth debate, hosted by SciManDan

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I watched the debate between Nathan Roberts and MCToon, and have to say that Nathan leaves me speechless. If he thinks that atheists are going to read the Bible and follow after Jesus, after his lame explanations, then he’s totally delusional!

Nothing he said would attract me to Christianity. Actually it would make me run away, because Nathan makes it seem like being a Christian means that you have to proclaim the flat earth Gospel.

Nathan thinks that sharing the Gospel was noble, but it was the very opposite. Maybe it scored brownie points with flat-earthers, but reading the comments of atheists, it just pushed them further away from the Bible and Messiah.

Nathan in his intro proclaimed, “there are well over 200 Bible passages that confirm the Scriptural truth, and can be found when you open your Bible and research it.”

That is false, as none of the 200 Bible passages describe a flat earth. Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!

Then Nathan brought up gender confusion, which was really odd. He said that this debate is more spiritual than physical, and that an occultist created heliocentric earth theory. Then he called out Robbie Davidson, self-professed Christian, who promotes urine drinking, telepathic communication with animals/bigfoot. Why is Nathan bringing up problems with the beliefs of some flat-earthers?

Nathan stated “If a Christian proclaims a globe earth, he too has contradicted his premise that the bible is the inspired word from God. He too will have to reexamine his entire belief system, unless he prefers to remain in his condition by calling God a liar. Thank you for the opportunity to present the truth of Jesus’s creation.”

Wow, way to set the stage to make Christians look crazy! He threw Christians who believe in a globe earth under the bus, and proclaimed that Jesus taught that the earth is flat. All of the atheists who are listening to this debate have now learned that if they become a Christian, then they have to believe that the earth is flat!

SciManDan rolled his eyes, and says “that’s fantastic, thank you.”

MCToon is a Christian, and no doubt he couldn’t believe that Nathan was proclaiming these things. It’s an embarrassment!

Nathan’s first point focused on statements that people in the southern hemisphere had seen the north star, which he says is impossible on a globe earth. He was citing Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe by Samuel Birley Rowbotham

MCToon rebutted that with the need for evidence that people south of the equator can see the north star, as nobody can do that today. A quote from a book is not proof.

MCToon should have jumped all over Nathan’s explanation, showing how the constellations can be see because of the tilt of the earth, and the angle of the ecliptic circle.

MCToon’s first point was on rotation, that the Foucault pendulum doesn’t rotate at equator, and it rotates in opposite directions in hemispheres; which proves the globe earth.

Nathan had no real rebuttal

Nathan second point was about NASA documents which to a flat earth

MCToon rebutted by saying that NASA also talks about acceleration due to gravity. The document that Nathan cited gives the way to compensate for the rotation of the earth. They use the flat earth as the baseline, and then adjust for the curvature.

MCToon’s second point was about the sunrise and sunset for a flat and spherical earth.

MCToon Nathan Roberts debate flat earth sun angles

The actual points the the sun rose and set were 28 degrees southeast and southwest; which is 81 degrees apart from where the flat earth sun would have to be.

MCToon said that on the equinox day, at the equator, the sun rises due east, sets due west, and traces a straight line through the sky. This demands that the equator is straight, east-west. That can’t happen on the FE map.

Nathan’s reply is nonsensical: “The intention of the AE map is not to prove the motion of the sun. In fact, what it is intended to do is give a pictorial understanding, given that there is no accounted curvature to the earth, of what it would look like if it was laid out flat. The operation of the sun is not dependent upon the earth being flat. So because the miles that you you’ve been given allegedly showing how the sun supposedly works over a flat earth are incorrect, does not invalidate the curvature of the earth, they’re completely independent of each other.

For one to say that they know definitively how the sun operates without ever being there, going to it, its just a theory. All we can do is observe from our vantage point and take notes. But does that mean that we know exactly how it works? No it does not. But what we can be certain of is the ground below our feet, and that water always seeks its level.”

If you didn’t want to watch the whole video, watch this 5-minute short segment here, because it reveals Nathan’s mindset. He can’t comprehend that the sun on the flat earth map has to travel over the equator, and that since there’s sunshine for 14 hours in the based location, then that means that the sun would be far north on the flat earth, of where it rises in reality.

There was a question for Nathan from the comments: Why can’t we see the Southern Cross in the north?

Nathan cited convergence, perspective looking out into the horizon. “It goes into a line if it’s too far out. A convergence of the top and the bottom.”

That’s ridiculous! Earlier Nathan was saying that people in the Southern Hemisphere could see the north star, and it wasn’t a convergence issue then. But because people in the Northern Hemisphere can’t see the Southern Cross, it’s a perspective and convergence issue. Unbelievable!

MCToon replied with we can calculate perspective. Triangulation works. Based on the height of the Southern Cross, there is no way for it to be hidden from people in the Northern Hemisphere.

There was another question for Nathan from commentors: Can you explain the weird shape of Australia on the FE map.

Nathan said “No, I can’t.”

That’s because it’s a north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe earth, which stretches land masses which are far away from the center point. It’s not a flat-earth map!

Wow! Nathan seems to think he was a hero because he pointed to Jesus, but he was a total failure as atheists now have more reasons to reject the Bible and Messiah, because they know that the earth is not flat.

Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!

5 thoughts on “Nathan Roberts and MCToon flat earth debate, hosted by SciManDan”

    • Thank you for your comment MCToon! You held your tongue very well during the debate, as did SciManDan.

      It’s amazing to see Nathan Roberts cite a few document from NASA, but he ignored the massive amount of documents from NASA which describe attributes of the globe earth, satellites, the International Space Station, etc. He ‘cherry-picks’ things to push his beliefs.

      Flat-earthers dismiss everything that NASA does, but then they cite NASA documents as supposed proof of a flat-earth. Such hypocrisy!

      I really wouldn’t be bothered by people believing that the earth is flat, because people believe a lot of crazy things these days. But when people like Nathan Robert proclaim that the Bible describes a flat earth with a dome over it, then I’m offended and will provide a response.

      Have you ever read his flat-earth Bible verse list? It’s an abomination! His lack of scientific knowledge is matched by his lack of understanding of the proper context of those verses. He actually cites five verses which are about John the Baptist making the way straight for Messiah, as flat-earth Bible verses, because he says that all paths are straight.

      Here’s a link to his list, and the explanations of the proper context.


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