Nathan Roberts Globe vs. Flat Earth LIVE DEBATE LOWLIGHTS

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

I watched the 07/07/19 debate between Nathan Roberts and MCToon. Here’s a link to my review of the debate: Nathan Roberts and MCToon flat earth debate, hosted by SciManDan

On 07/08/19, Nathan posted a video on his Flat Earth Doctrine YouTube page called ‘Globe vs. Flat Earth LIVE DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS’

It should be called ‘Globe vs. Flat Earth LIVE DEBATE LOWLIGHTS’ because as bad as Nathan’s explanations were in his attempt to prove that the earth is flat, his false gospel message was much worse. Nathan gave a false gospel of a Jesus who teaches that the earth is flat.

Nathan stated “If a Christian proclaims a globe earth, he too has contradicted his premise that the bible is the inspired word from God. He too will have to reexamine his entire belief system, unless he prefers to remain in his condition by calling God a liar. Thank you for the opportunity to present the truth of Jesus’s creation.”

Nathan thinks that sharing the Gospel was noble, but it was the very opposite. Maybe it scored brownie points with Christian flat-earthers, but reading the comments for the debate video, it’s clear that he just pushed atheists further away from the Bible and Messiah.

If I were an atheist, nothing that he said would attract me to Christianity. Actually it would make me run away, because Nathan makes it seem like being a Christian means that you have to proclaim the flat earth Gospel. And because any logical person can determine that the earth is not flat, Nathan causes them to reject the Bible and Messiah.

As a follower of the Messiah of Scripture, I’m offended by what he’s saying. This is why I oppose his teachings so vigilantly, because he is teaching a false gospel, and condemning believers who don’t believe that the earth is flat. He is extremely divisive.

He condemns MCToon, a Christian, for not sharing the Gospel; but that’s without merit. Nathan tarnished the Gospel, as atheists witnessed an illogical, fanatic who threw fellow flat-earthers and Christians under the bus. Nathan Roberts was a terrible witness for the kingdom.

Nathan seems to think he was a hero because he pointed to Jesus, but he was a total failure as atheists now have more reasons to reject the Bible and Messiah, because they know that the earth is not flat.

None of the verses that he cites prove that the earth is flat with a dome over it.

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