Johnny Cirucci Makes Accusations Against Me

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Giovanni Augustino Cirucci, who writes as Johnny Cirucci, sent me a Personal Message on Facebook.

–always wondered why you never connected with me or why you don’t have a bigger voice: “flat earth deception”?

you either work for them or are demonically deluded

the REALITY of our cosmology undoes the Jesuit discrediting of Scripture and YOU aid them to shore it up

It’s interesting that he thinks that I should have connected with him, but he never connected with me about my prophecy studies.

He only connected to make accusations against me.

As for having a bigger voice…

I pray that the Spirit guides people to the studies, and that the Spirit open up doors, so that more people can see the truth.

It’s interesting that he only gives two options for who I am; kind of like the Jesuit’s narrative about the shape of the earth.  It’s a battle between the geocentric flat earth and the heliocentric globe earth.

But not many people are talking about the geocentric globe earth, which I think is the real cosmological layout. I believe that the Jesuits created the flat earth theory, so that people would dismiss anyone who teaches that the earth is geocentric.

I responded to Johnny with:

Why would I connect with you? You believe what you believe. Obviously the explanations on my website did not convince you that the earth is a globe.

As for your accusations, they are ridiculous. I expose the Jesuits for who they are.

I added:

I find it really interesting that the major players who expose the Jesuits; you, Alan Lamont, Eric Phelps, World’s Last Chance; all now teach that the earth is flat. It’s almost like the Jesuits have targeted you with disinformation. Or that you work for them.

Johnny responded with:

You would connect with me if you wanted to empower my message.

You confirm my accusation: you either consciously wish to shore up the false Jesuit cosmology to discredit the Bible or you’re critically, tragically attached to the lie…which doesn’t say much for your Walk.

We’re done here.

See you before the White Throne.

So I should connect with him to empower him.  Seriously?  Prideful much?

Then he dismisses what I’ve said and tries to control the conversation, condemning me to judgment.

I replied with:

You offer a lot of great information, but it’s hard for me to ’empower your message’ when you teach that the earth is flat.

I teach what I believe is true. I researched the flat earth, read a lot of articles and watched a lot of videos.

Flat earthers take Bible verses out of context to make their points.

The explanations on my website prove that the earth is not flat, but I believe that it may be geocentric.

And that is the Jesuit’s deception. To create the flat earth theory, so that people will dismiss anyone who says that the earth is geocentric.

As for my walk, I can prove out the fulfillment of Revelation, including how the Jesuits fulfill prophecy and how the Zionist Jews in Israel fulfill prophecy.

Instead of having a discussion, all you’ve done is make accusations. Sad story bro!

Johnny responded with:

–I say again:

we’re done here

we’ll see soon enough who was on the side of Christ and His Word

Amazing!  He associates one’s belief in the shape of the earth with whether they are on the side of Christ and His Word or not.  Ugh!

I replied with:

Well Johnny, you don’t get the last word. You contacted me and I will reply. You’ve done nothing but make accusations against me, and I will respond.

Now that I’ve seen this side of you, I would never recommend that people listen to you. You have a harsh, judgmental spirit.

You make it seem like being wrong about the shape of the earth is a salvation issue.

People don’t need proof that the earth is flat, to know that there is a Creator. They can see that every day with their amazingly complex body/mind and with the amazing creation around them.

I said that I believe that the earth is geocentric, but you didn’t even say a word about that. That’s half of the flat earthers argument.

I’m striving for to know truth, but you just attack and make accusations.

Sad story bro!

Johnny responded with:

“last word”? who is pursuing it (which means you don’t have peace about your position)

okay, let me tell you why I felt angry enough to write this to you:

because I have repeatedly recommended your breakdown of Revelation as a counter to Futurism

it’s so well done, I have meticulously saved the pdf print versions until they ran out towards the end–not very good housekeeping

then, as I got to the bottom, I see your “debunking” of the truth

worse, you say you’ve researched it which you couldn’t possibly have done because that would’ve shown you how Catholic priest Copernicus fabricated our current cosmology as part of the Counter-Reformation

everything from “evolution” to the “Big Bang” was either created by or enabled by Jesuits

if you sincerely search for the Truth, start your research over and watch my vid with an open mind

NOW, I am absolutely done “arguing” on lame-assed Facebook e-mail

if you are sincere and want to dialogue we need to have a real-time conversation by phone or Skype

oh…by the way, my old neighbor “Eric Jon Phelps”, the “Baptist Calvinist White Supremacist” promotes the Truth about our cosmology because his Jesuits have been SO successful with the Lie that it helps him discredit us

My response:

Well Johnny, if you valued my Revelation studies, then you should have known that the Spirit led me to that truth. And you should have come alongside me as a brother, to encourage me to take a deeper look. But instead you chose to attack me and condemn me.

I have total peace about my position, thanks. I prayed for truth about the shape of the earth. People can debate all day about what certain astronomers taught, or about what Bible verses mean; but the Spirit led me on a journey of simple, logical proofs; that we can see with our own eyes.

Most flat earthers are illogical and irrational, and all they do is attack me; instead of showing me how my explanations are wrong.

Given the tone of your messages and your attitude towards me, I’ll pass on having a real-time conversation/argument.

That’s an interesting perspective about Eric.

Keep proclaiming truth about the Jesuits and pursuing truth in all matters. David

As for your video, I watched it. Tycho Brahe and others promoted a geocentric globe earth, not a flat earth.

I believe that is the deception of the Jesuits, that the earth is geocentric.

It’s very interesting that the flat earth theory started being taught after the movie The Principle was released in late 2014, and others started teaching about the geocentric globe earth.

Johnny responded with:


And then he blocked me on Facebook.

Oh, the irony.  Johnny Cirucci, who misrepresents what Scripture says, called me a fraud.

If find it really sad, and telling, that flat earthers tend to make judgments and accusations against people who believe that the earth is a globe.

Most flat earthers can’t have a rational discussion.  They don’t offer proof that my explanations are wrong.  They just condemn.

They are the ones who have skewed what the Bible says, to back up their narrative of a domed flat earth.

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Cirucci Makes Accusations Against Me”

  1. David, I applaud you for keeping your cool and not responding in like. As I was reading the exchange, I, too, was wondering how believing in a particular shape of the earth could either exalt one to the Kingdom, or condemn them to hell. To even suggest that someone should be worried about their judgment is to assume the mind of Yahweh. How offended He must be at people who try to assume His role. Setting aside the topic, Johnny’s self-righteous behavior is inexcusable. Debate can be about anything. It’s the conduct of the person that shows their true colors. For instance, you and I agree on the shape of the Earth. We disagree on the heliocentric model. That does not make us enemies and neither does it justify personal attacks. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Yeah TJ, beyond the debate about whether the earth is flat or a globe, is the underlying attitudes of flat earthers. It was a very revealing discussion with Johnny, as he was someone that I used to admire for his in-depth research on the Jesuits; but now, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone follow him, as he has revealed his true character.

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