Flat Earther Uses A Level On A Plane To Prove Flat Earth

by David on May 3, 2017

This Flat Earth Deception post features a video where a flat earther takes a hardware store short level on a plane, to prove that the earth is flat.

On the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, a member named Darryle Marble shared a video called ‘Flat Earth: Spirit Level Flight Experiment’.

Here is the description of the video:

Hey guys! Here’s a video I just made of an experiment from yesterday. I took a flight with my spirit level to monitor the pilot compensating for curvature. I did a time-lapse over the distance of 203 miles. According to curvature math the plane should have dipped to make up for 5 MILES of curvature. There was no compensating for curvature because THERE IS NO CURVATURE!!! Also gave a shout out to the group at the end. No more defending what we know to be true about the #FlatEarth. Now we take the fight to the enemy! 👊🏾#FEOffensive

He says that he’s going to submit this video to the flat earth scientific community, so let’s look at whether his setup is precise or not.

He only shows the level when the plane has plateaued at high altitude.

How do we know that the seat tray is level?  If the airplane actually is pointing down slightly, but the seat tray is tilted down slightly, then that would result in a level bubble.  He did not establish a baseline measurement, so this experiment is not scientific at all.

The plane is maintaining the same altitude, so of course the bubble would stay centered!

He acts like the plane has to always be pointing down to account for the curvature of the earth, but the plane only needs to point down when the pilot wants to decrease its altitude.

The earth only curves 1 inch for every 660 feet of horizontal motion; 8 inches for every 5,280 feet.

You cannot detect that with anything less than the most intricate measuring devices. Not a bubble level or your body.

Planes point towards the artificial horizon, which keeps it at the same altitude, as it moves over the curved earth.

The level staying centered only means that the plane is level with the surface below. This experiment does not prove anything, whether the earth is flat or curved.

It only proves that the plane is maintaining the same altitude over the Earth.

Read Flights Prove The Flat Earth Deception

Flat earthers incorrectly proclaim that airplane pilots would have to continually point the nose of the plane down, to travel around the curved earth. The attitude indicator (AI), also known as gyro horizon or artificial horizon, informs the pilot of the orientation of the aircraft relative to Earth's horizon. Keeping the attitude of the plane level with the AI, causes the plane to follow the curvature of the Earth, while maintaining the same altitude; so the curve of the Earth is accounted for automatically.










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