Flat Earth Meme About Gravity On Globe Earth

This Flat Earth Deception post features a meme about how water would supposedly collect on the bottom of a globe earth, due to gravity.

On the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, a member posted this meme:

Flat earth meme about water collecting on bottom of globe earth due to gravity

It would help if flat earthers knew how the globe earth works.  They mock gravity, but then claim that density causes things to stay down on the earth.

The meme is ridiculous, as it implies the gravity pulls things down, toward the bottom of the earth.

The design of the ball earth causes things to be pulled toward the center of the earth, not the bottom.

They proclaim that south is the lowest point on the globe earth, which is just goofy.

Water moves down in elevation, always seeking the lowest point; no matter which direction on the globe that might lead.

The other day I was walking along the Cherry Creek Trail in Colorado, and the ground looked basically flat, but the water was running north towards Cherry Creek reservoir.

The point is that there are many forces which cause water to move the way it does, and making goofy memes like this just reinforces that flat earthers have no real scientific explanations.

The irony is that mass attacks mass, so on the flat earth, everything would be drawn toward the middle of the circle earth, as it has the most mass around it.

So if anything, water on the flat earth would move towards the center.

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