Flat Earth Doctrine Poll About Fake Space And Flat Earth

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this poll on his Flat Earth Doctrine Facebook page:

Nathan Roberts Flat Earth Poll

The irony is that many millions of people have been saved during the last 2,000 years; and their salvation had nothing to do with the shape of the earth.

And as usual, Nathan Roberts completely ignores the Tychonic geocentric globe earth model as an option; which includes real space and a geocentric earth which proves a Creator.

If people understood that the earth is geocentric, more people would come into the faith, because it’s not based on absurd claims that the earth is flat; as we have proofs that clearly show that it’s not flat.

So in effect, flat-earthers are preventing many people from believing in the Creator of the Bible, because they’re teaching a false explanation about the design of the earth. Most people look at the flat earth theory, shake their head and accuse Christians of being crazy, and walk away.

Nathan Roberts, Rob Skiba and all flat-earthers, will stand before their righteous judge and account for misleading people. Nathan will account for his arrogance and mistreatment of people who believe that we live on a globe.

And Nathan will account for his abuse of the Scriptures, in taking them out of their proper context, to proclaim that they’re pointing to a flat earth with a dome over it. He’s been given the Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth study, not he ignores it and mocks me; which makes him even more accountable.

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