Flat Earth Balloon 20 Miles Eye, Horizon Is At Eye Level

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 12-16-17, Paul Raines shared this post to the Facebook group: The FLAT out TRUTH & no BALL face LIES.

flat earth 100,00 feet horizon at eye level

If the earth were flat and we were looking straight out, then our eyes would be looking at a point in the sky that is 20 miles above the earth.

Obviously the camera is pointing down to the horizon; so it is not ‘rising up’ to meet our eyes.

If the earth were flat, we should be able to see much further from 20 miles up.

The earth curvature formula says that the horizon is 388 miles away; which looking at the picture, seems accurate.

This picture helps us see the difference between looking straight out and looking slightly down to the horizon line.

Let's apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

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