FE2018 Flat Earth International Conference In Denver

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Oh boy! The 2018 Flat Earth International Conference is taking place in Denver, Colorado; on November 15-16, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center.

The Flat Earth International Conference is an educational endeavor composed of individuals and organizations uniting around the common purpose of the true scientific inquiry of the created earth.

Featured speakers include:

Rob Skiba, Patricia Steere, David Weiss, Bob Knodel, Iru landucci, Jeran Campanella, Karen B. Endecott, Mark Sargent, Darryle Marble, Robbie Davidson, Zen Garcia, Flat Earth man, Nathan Thompson, Dale Murphy, Rick Hummer, Matt Long, Richard Hopkins, Paul on the Plance, Dave March, Joshua Swift, Camie Knodel, Nathan Roberts and Chad Taylor.

Wow, it’s $249 for a 2-day access pass to conference sessions and events.

$349 gets you FE2018 All Access. VIP badge for front row seating to sessions.  PLUS exclusive mixer & special speakers dinner!

I can save you the travel costs, hotel costs and conference costs.  Here’s a link to the Flat Earth Deceptions home page, which has many proofs that flat earthers can’t debunk.

All you have to do is watch the sun or moon, and you see that they’re the same size all the way across the sky; from when they rise in the east, to when they are overhead, to when they set in the west.  That’s only possible on the globe earth.

On a flat earth they would appear as a spot dot on the horizon, then grow greatly in size until they appear overhead, and then shrink back down to a little dot on the horizon as they set.  But that’s not what we see, is it?

See how easy that was? 😛

The setting sun proves the globe earth not the flat earth

4 thoughts on “FE2018 Flat Earth International Conference In Denver”

  1. Phillipe, Lest look at your last sentence

    You need to do some serious research on this subject as your example is truly pathetic and immature. Grow up and do some research.

    Now your first sentence

    You are such a moron!

    ummm, who’s being immature now.

    Tell Skiba that atmospheric lensing is nonsense, nor do we live in a goldfish bowl and there is no fresnel lens in the sky. Also ask him how much money he makes on advertising revenue on his youtube channels.

    • Thank you for your comment Loki! The ‘Another Sunset with and without the Solar Filter’ video on the Flat Earth home page debunks that the sun changes size. Flat earthers, either out of ignorance or deception, don’t use solar filters on their camera, so it distorts how big the sun appears. When a solar filter is used, we see that the sun is the same size all the way across the sky, which disproves that the earth is flat.

  2. You are such a moron! Atmospheric lensing causes optical distortion like a magnifying glass so the sun’s size would have no impact, this is why we often see sunsets bigger than life. It doesn’t mean the sun is closer to the Earth does it? The very simple fact that we can see a lot more on the horizontal plane than on the curved plane proves the Earth is flat especially when the Pythagorean math cannot prove the spherical declination of the surface of thebEarth. This is one of the reason that I can observe Santa Barbara Island 43 miles away at the elevation of 149 feet when the island is 634 feet high. All celestial bodies prove the earth is a flat plane. Every six months we should see a complete different constellation since we cannot see the back of our heads but we don’t. We see the same stars all year around including the fixed North Star. Also you shouldn’t be able to see Mercury and Venus at night but you do. You need to do some serious research on this subject as your example is truly pathetic and immature. Grow up and do some research.

    • All of the explanations on this website show that I have dome some serious research. Just because you disagree, does not mean that I’m wrong. Please, go ahead and disprove all of the proofs on the home page of the Flat Earth Deceptions website. Do that and I will become a flat earther.

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