FE2018 Flat Earth Conference Nathan Roberts Teaching

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

At the FE2018 Flat Earth Conference Nathan Roberts spoke about the ‘4+ Ways the Bible Says Flat Earth.’

Here’s the description of his teaching session:

Do you trust God’s Word to be Faithful and True? Have you ever considered what the authors of the Bible, who were inspired by God, wrote about regarding the shape of the Earth? Does God’s Word even mention the topic? Are NASA’s claims and the mainstream Scientific Community in complete alignment with God’s Word, or are there some contradictions? If there are contradictions, does it really matter?

Did God intend for us to interpret his description of his Earth as mere poetry and metaphors? Is it possible that NASA has debunked God’s Word at our subconscious? Does God’s Word state that he created a Globe Earth, Flat Earth, or some other kind of shaped Earth? Does God care what you believe the shape of the Earth to be? The answers to these questions and many many more are within, and you may just be surprised.

Nathan Roberts proclaims that if you deny that the earth is flat, then you are denying the Word of Elohim.

He accuses me of creating division and confusion around Elohim’s Word, but it is the very opposite; for it is Nathan who is mistaken, and it is he who is causing division and confusion by proclaiming that the Bible proclaims that the earth is flat.

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