Antarctica Proves The Flat Earth Deception

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

This page provides proof that Antarctica is a continent on the bottom of the globe earth, not an ice ring that surrounds the flat earth.

Flat earthers show pictures of the supposed ice shelf that encircles the flat earth.

In reality, the pictures that they post are of the Ross Ice Shelf, which is the largest ice shelf of Antarctica, taking up an area of roughly 188,000 sq miles; about 500 miles across and 600 miles long; so it is about the size of France

The nearly vertical ice front to the open sea is more than 370 miles long, and between 50 and 160 ft high above the water surface.

The flat earth Antarctica ice ring is really the Ross Ice Shelf

The continent of Antarctica is circumnavigated as a boating race coarse.

Yachting legend Jon Sanders was the first man to circumnavigate Antarctica, circling the continent twice in 1981 – 1982.

During the voyage, he passed south of the three great capes: Horn, Good Hope and Leeuwin, before rounding Cape Horn a second time. He turned north to Plymouth, UK and returning south around Good Hope and returning to Fremantle.

This voyage was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records through the following records:

  • The first single-handed sailor to remain continuously at sea twice around the world
  • First single-handed sailor to round the five southern most Capes twice on one voyage
  • First single-handed sailor to round the five southern most Capes twice
  • Longest distance continuously sailed by any yacht: 48,510 miles (78,070 km).
  • Longest period alone at sea during a continuous voyage: 419 days: 22 hours: 10 minutes

This proves that Antarctica is a continent that is capable of being circled. Sailing around the ice wall of the flat earth would have taken way more time.

The Antarctica Cup Race proves that it is a continent.

This event is a non-stop race of circumnavigating Antarctica, passing the three most notorious capes on the planet Cape Leeuwin, Cape Horn, Cape Agulhuss.

The record time is 102 days 00 hours 56 minutes 50 seconds for this 16,400 mile circuit of Antarctica.

The Antarctica Cup Ocean Race and the Antarctica Cup Racetrack. This event is a non-stop race of around 14,000 nautical miles – circumnavigating Antarctica passing the three most notorious capes on the planet Cape Leeuwin, Cape Horn, Cape Agulhuss.

Obviously if they were sailing around the supposed ice wall on the flat earth, they would be traveling a much longer distance; as flat earthers estimate that it would be 70,000 – 78,000 miles.

Mike Horn sailed to Antarctica, then kited to the south pole, then to the Australia side of the continent.

After 57 days solo, Mike reached the Dumont d’Urville station on the other side of Antarctica, becoming the first person to complete this 5,000km traverse.

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions is the sole provider of logistic support and safety backup for climbing expeditions to Mt. Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica.

Working in the world’s coldest environment, the mechanics at ALE operate and maintain everything from snowmobiles to turbo-prop planes to the tracked passenger vans that shuttle climbers from the blue ice runway to Union Glacier Camp.

Flat Earthers say that they don’t have pictures of the end of the ice wall and dome, because of the Antarctic Treaty; and that the military keeps people out.

Flat Earthers say that they don't have pictures of the end of the ice wall and dome, because of the Antarctic Treaty; and that the military keeps people out.

Flat earthers proclaim that nobody can visit Antarctica, but many people do that every year; including who take the Antarctica Sightseeing Flight.

The people who travel to or live in Antarctica fall into two main groups, those who live and work on scientific research stations or bases, and tourists.

Here is a helicopter view of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Facing the mountains across the Ross Sea, the helo rises, turning toward the helipad, the Crary Lab (three white buildings connected by ramp), the blue dining hall with dorms, fuel storage tanks (round white things), windmills above Scott Road; then a brief view of volcano Mount Terror, heading out across Ross Sea. Mount Discovery appears, then the Royal Society Range (I think). Then a long stretch of sea ice, ending with a giant flat iceberg.

Here are pictures of Villa Las Estrellas, showing that Antarctica is not just an impassable ice shelf.

Villa Las Estrellas in Antarctica

Here is a photo of Villa Las Estrellas from above.

Villa Las Estrellas in Antarctica photo

There are around 66 scientific bases in Antarctica, of which about 37 are occupied year round. There are about 4,000 people through the summer months and about 1,000 overwinter each year.

Here is McMurdo Base.

McMurdo Base Alaska

Here’s a picture of tourists exploring Antarctica.

Antarctica visitors tourism


You can see more pictures of McMurdo Base – Antarcticans Database Project

The South Pole Station

Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Mountains prove it's not an ice ring

Antarctica Mountains

Falt-earthers say that if people try to visit Antarctica, they will be met with resistance by the military.

Apparently someone forgot to tell these people who had adventures there.

Trip to Antarctica 2016

You can book flights to Antarctica

You can go an Antarctica Cruise and Adventure Travel With Cool Antarctica and Expedition Trips

Quark Expeditions has been the world leader in polar cruises and guided tours for over two decades and successfully operated many first-ever passenger trips to Antarctica, including the Circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent and the first Weddell Sea voyage.

Here are links to more videos proving that people visit and explore Antarctica:

Antarctica Cruise – Visiting The Antarctica Peninsula

Antarctica Adventures with the Best Cruise Ship Ever Built

Expedition cruise to Antarctica with Polar Star Expeditions

Want to travel to Antarctica?

Antarctica, Secrets Beneath the Ice | Full Documentary HD

Under the Antarctic Ice Beauty of The Nature 720p Documentary

Is An Ancient City Hidden Under Antarctica?

The Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station is a United States scientific research station at the Geographic South Pole, the southernmost place on the Earth.

Antarctic related mapping resources prove that it is a continent:

Flat earthers post images like this, that show the thick ice shelf of Antarctica, and imply and that it is an ice ring that encircles the Earth.

Flat Earth ice wall in Antarctica


Flat earth Antarctica Ice shelf photo

Are there places like this on Antarctica? Yes.  Is all of Antarctica like this?  No.

Here’s a video from a flat earther about wikileaks emails that contained pictures of Antarctica.  I’m not sure why he seems to think that it proves the protected ice ring, because it shows the opposite, with mountains, ships, etc.

He seems to make a big deal out of ships that have sails, like that means something significant.

And he’s right.  In order to keep Antarctica pristine and not risk pollution from motorized ships, in some of the places they use sailing ships.

On Flat Earth Deception home page you saw that flat-earther are using an north-polar azimuthal equidistant map, which shows the globe earth on a 2D projection.  The Southern hemisphere is flared out to make it visible, which greatly exaggerates the size of the southern continents such as Australia.

The only way to represent the continent of Antarctica is to project is as a ring, because all of the longitudinal lines point down to it.

When asked for pictures of the edge of the flat earth, they proclaim that Antarctica is protected so that nobody can see the edge of the supposed dome.

So they dismiss any image from space, but they have no photos to prove that Antarctica encircles the flat earth, or that there is an edge to the supposed dome.

So until they produce pictures of the end of the supposed ice rings, we’ll have to trust these pictures from people are not involved in the flat earth discussion.

Additional resources that prove that Antarctica is a continent, not an ice ring:

50 Years of Antarctic Research Expeditions by the Geographical Survey Institute

Here’s a list of Antarctic expeditions is a chronological list of expeditions involving Antarctica, and NO ICE WALL OR GLASS DOME WAS REPORTED.

  • 1907 — 1909 Nimrod Expedition – On 9 January
  • 1909, Ernest Shackleton reached 88’23S (Farthest South), and on 16 January 1909, Professor Edgeworth David reached the South Magnetic Pole at (72°25’S 155°16’E? / ?72.417°S 155.267°E? / -72.417; 155.267) (mean position)
  • 1908 — 1910 Fourth French Antarctic Expedition – led by Jean-Baptiste Charcot
  • 1910 — 1912 Japanese Antarctic Expedition – led by Nobu Shirase
  • 1910 — 1912 Roald Amundsen’s South Pole expedition – On 14 December 1911, reached the South Pole (90° S)
  • 1910 — 1913 Terra Nova Expedition – On 17 January1912, Robert Falcon Scott, reached the South Pole (90° S)
  • 1928 — 1930 Richard Evelyn Byrd – First expedition
  • 1931 H Halvorsen – discovered Princess Astrid Coast
  • 1931 Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen – flew over Antarctica, discovered Kronprins Olav Kyst
  • 1933 — 1935 Richard Evelyn Byrd – Second expedition
  • 1933 — 1939 Lincoln Ellsworth – Aircraft expedition
  • 1934 — 1937 British Graham Land Expedition
  • 1936 Lars Christensen – dropped Norwegian flag over Prince Harald Coast
  • 1938 Third German Antarctic Expedition (New Swabia, or Neuschwabenland, claimed for Nazi Germany) – led by Alfred Ritscher
  • 1939 — 1941 United States Antarctic Service Expedition – led by Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • 1943 — 1945 Operation Tabarin – led by Lieutenant James Marr
  • 1946 — 1946 Operation Highjump – led by Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • 1947 — First Chilean Antarctic Expedition
  • 1947 — 1948 Operation Windmill – led by Commander Gerald Ketchum
  • 1947 — 1946 Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition – led by Finn Ronne
  • 1949 — 1952 Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition – led by John Giaever
  • 1955 — 1956 Operation Deep Freeze – led by Richard Evelyn Byrd
  • 1955 — 1957 1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Mikhail Somov
  • 1956 Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station established
  • 1956 — 1958 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition – led by Vivian Fuchs
  • 1956 — 1958 2nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Aleksei Treshnikov
  • 1957 — 1958 International Geophysical Year
  • 1957 Scott Base established
  • 1957 — 1958 Luncke Expedition
  • 1957 — 1959 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Yevgeny Tolstikov
  • 1958 — 1960 4th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Aleksandr Dralkin
  • 1959 — 1961 5th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Yevgeny Korotkevich
  • 1960 South African National Antarctic Expedition
  • 1960 — 1962 6th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.Driatsky
  • 1961 — 1963 7th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Aleksandr Dralkin
  • 1962 — 1962 Vostok traverse – led by Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE)
  • 1962 — 1964 8th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Mikhail Somov
  • 1963 — 1965 9th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Mikhail Somov
  • 1964 — 1966 10th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by M.Ostrekin, I.Petrov
  • 1965 — 1967 11th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by D.Maksutov, Leonid Dubrovin
  • 1966 — 1968 12th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Pavel Senko and Vladislav Gerbovich
  • 1967 — 1969 13th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Aleksei Treshnikov
  • 1968 — 1970 14th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by D.Maksutov, Ernst Krenkel
  • 1969 — 1971 15th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Pavel Senko and Vladislav Gerbovich
  • 1970 — 1972 16th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by I.Petrov and Yury Tarbeyev
  • 1971 — 1973 17th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Yevgeny Korotkevich, V.Averyanov
  • 1972 — 1974 18th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Pavel Senko
  • 1973 — 1975 19th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by D.Maksutov, V.Ignatov
  • 1974 — 1976 20th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.Serdyukov, N.Kornilov
  • 1975 — 1977 21st Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by O.Sedov, G.Bardin
  • 1976 — 1978 22nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by N.Tyabin, Leonid Dubrovin
  • 1977 — 1979 23rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.Serdyukov, O.Sedov
  • 1978 — 1980 24th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by A.Artemyev, O.Sedov
  • 1979 — 1980 25th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by N.Kornilov, N.Tyabin
  • 1980 — 1981 Transglobe Expedition – led by Ranulph Fiennes
  • 1980 — 1982 26th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.Serdyukov, V.Shamontyev
  • 1981 — 1983 27th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by D.Maksutov, R.Galkin
  • 1982 — 1984 28th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by N.Kornilov, A.Artemyev
  • 1983 — 1985 29th Soviet Antarctic Expedition – led by N.Tyabin, L.Bulatov
  • 1984 – 1987 In the Footsteps of Scott – led by Robert Swan
  • 1984 – 1985 1st Uruguayan Antarctic Expedition – Antarkos I Led by Lt.Col. Omar Porciúncula
  • 1984 — 1986 30th Soviet Antarctic Expedition – led by D.Maksutov, R.Galkin
  • 1985 — 1987 31st Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by N.Tyabin, V.Dubovtsev
  • 1986 — 1988 32nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.Klokov, V.Vovk
  • 1987 Iceberg B-9 calves and carries away Little Americas I – III
  • 1987 — 1989 33rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by N.A.Kornilov, Yu.A.Khabarov
  • 1987 — 1988 First Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition — St. Kliment Ohridski Base established
  • 1988 — 1990 34th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by S.M.Pryamikov, L.V.Bulatov
  • 1989 — 1991 35th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by V.M.Piguzov
  • 1991 — 1992 36th Soviet Antarctic Expedition — led by Lev Savatyugin
  • 1996 Lake Vostok discovered
  • 2004 – 2005 Tangra 2004/05 created Camp Academia.
  • 2004 – 2005 AGASEA/BBAS joint U.S.-U.K. aerogeophysical survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment.
  • 2005 Ice Challenger Expedition travelled to the South Pole in a six-wheeled vehicle.[1]
  • 2005 – 2006 Spanish Trans-Antarctic Expedition, led by Ramon Larramendi, reached the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility using kite-sleds.[2]
  • 2007 – 2008 Norwegian-U.S. Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica.[3]
  • 2008 – 2009 Impossible 2 Possible (i2P) unsupported South Pole quest by Ray Zahab, Kevin Vallely and Richard Weber.



















60 thoughts on “Antarctica Proves The Flat Earth Deception”

  1. David,

    Just listened to a fairly lengthy pod cast between two flat earthers and two globalists on Antarctica. They got me thinking more and more about circumnavigation. I realized that it comes down to the very simple concept of knowing our left from our right. Using a boat or a plane, there are only two choices. Go around Antarctica like you would go around an island; or, go around the edge of the ice wall. Both would return you to the point of origin. The difference is, one requires you to constantly turn left, and the other a constant turn to the right. Then it hit me… what would we observe the sun doing in each scenario? It would be very different in each. Just grab your globe and shine the 93M mile sun on it. Then look at the inaccurate flat earth map and the sun’s alleged path. In each scenario, what would we see the sun doing each day as our journey went along?


    • Hey TJ, I’m not sure. What difference do you see between the appearance of the sun during circumnavigations of Antarctica, on the flat earth model and the globe earth model?

  2. Jeremiah,

    You don’t have an accurate map because Earth is not flat. The video you link to proves nothing. The burden of proof is on you. Show us a map of the earth including Antarctica. We do not accept that “you” do not have an accurate map; that is YOUR problem. We have an accurate map.. a globe.

    Furthermore, if you opinion is based on a foundation of Scripture, please tell us which verses justify your foul language and insults.


  3. This Idea of a Spinning Globe is total Bullshit…
    There is so much proof and evidence against the Spinning Globe it makes one wonder how the idiots who made this page can live with themselves! There are many Ice Walls and because of all the lies and confusion and dis-information that has been spread for over a 1000 years its no wonder these folks are confused, plus all of NASA’s Lies and deception!

    We still do not have an accurate flat earth map due to all the misinformation and lies!!!

    Here is a video that proves we live on a Flat, Stationary Earth!!!

  4. Don’t be a fool for saying that the bible says the earth is a globe. If you research well and atleast have knowledge of what the term “Water level” means, then with only that i can prove the earth is flat. Do not be fooled.

  5. The evidence speaks for itself and doesn’t require scientists, or experiments, or graphics, or curvature tests. Neither does it require NASA or satellites or space travel or government conspiracies.

    1. There are no accurate maps of the GLOBE earth.
    2. There are no accurate maps of the FLAT earth.
    3. Size, shapes and distances are accurately represented on a globe model.
    4. A globe is a three-dimensional map.
    5. The only accurate model of our world is a globe.

    For believers, please re-read Genesis with this in mind… a globe is CIRCULAR, and it will all make sense. Scripture does NOT say the earth is flat. I believe in Yahweh, the creator of the universe, and His Son, Yahushua Messiah. Yahweh created the universe, including all the galaxies captured in Hubble’s deep star field photos. He did all this for one reason and one reason only… His love for us. The universe itself is a testament to the depth of His love for us, created just so we could be her and love Him back. This means Yahweh’s sacrifice of His own son is an even bigger display of love than creation itself.

    Be Blessed.

  6. Please someone answer TJs question. All printed maps have elements of distortion built into them. And it is not by reason of deceptive cartographers. It just seems to be very difficult to accurately picture enormous distances. I would also love to see other possible flat earth map ideas….or at least a more reasonable southern ‘hemisphereflat.’

    I wish people were just honest in telling what was really being seen.

    What is so bothersome is that both sides seemingly make very good points…at times.

    • This website clearly proves that the continents in the southern hemisphere are distorted because what they call a ‘flat earth map’ is a projection of the globe earth. People have measured the width of Australia, and it is not as wide as the north-polar azimuthal projection makes it appear. You can create a south-polar azimuthal projection and Australia looks the correct width on it, because it’s close to the center of the projection.

      Flat earthers can’t admit one point, because if they did, their concept of a domed-flat earth might shatter.

  7. To those who believe Earth is flat… I would like to prove to you that you actually do believe in a globe earth. Please honestly answer the following questions:
    I live in Texas, so, I will begin with that example. I have an old fold-up map I used to use to drive around Texas (before the internet.) I also have a globe in my office.
    Can we agree that the SHAPE of Texas is accurate? If your answer is no, or I don’t know, then please STOP HERE. There is no reason for you to continue this thought experiment.
    Can we agree that the shape of Texas on a fold-up map looks identical on a globe?
    Can we agree that the SHAPE of the U.S. also looks identical on a fold-up map and a globe?
    Can we agree that Australia also looks identical on a fold-up map and a globe?
    Can we agree that Australia is about the same size as the U.S.?
    EXCEPT for Antarctica, can we agree that the size and shape of all the continents appear virtually identical on both fold-up maps and a globe?
    If we agree on the SHAPES of the continents, can we agree on their distances from each other; can we agree that London is approx. 3400 miles from New York City?
    Can we agree that Hawaii is about 2500 miles from Los Angeles?
    Can we agree that Auckland is about 1300 miles from Sydney?
    Can we agree that Perth is about 5100 miles from Johannesburg?

    If you answered yes to all these questions, then you absolutely do agree with the shapes and distances represented on a globe. If you deny the layout of a globe, then you are denying the real shapes and real distances. The reason there is no accurate map of the flat earth is because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to represent both shapes and distances on a flat surface. We don’t need science or religion to help us understand this.


  8. I posted this comment on another page and got no responses, so I will ask again here.

    I will admit I have never been to Antarctica. I am willing to admit that it is always a possibility that any pic or vid can be fake. Let’s assume there is no photographic evidence that Antarctica looks the way it has been represented on our classroom globes. But, what about all the other continents? We absolutely DO know what all the other continents look like, as in, their shapes a/k/a their dimensions; and, not from a globe, but, from long standing on-the-ground measurements. People who believe Earth is flat simply cannot deny the shapes (dimensions) of the continents any more than they can deny the shape of the state they live in or the shape of the property on which their house sits. The continents’ shapes have been accurately measured long before NASA or satellites or surveying planes. It is not realistic to disagree with the fact that we know the dimensions of the continents and we know the distances between them. If Earth is flat, with those two variables an accurate map can VERY EASILY be drawn. If the debate on the flat vs. globe earth can begin on this as a mutually agreeable foundation, a solution can be realized with this one basic question…

    If Earth is flat, why is there no accurate map of it all the way down to the ice wall or at least to the tip of S. America? Such a map would be VERY EASY to make.

    No “science” or “religion” is necessary to understand this.

    • I also thought about why there are no accurate maps. US has a larger land mass than Australia, but is smaller on a map. Mexico has a larger land mass than Alaska, but is smaller on a map. Longitude lines are widest at the equator then converge at each end of a globe. On a flat globe map longitude lines are parallel further distorting the size of land masses. On a flat earth map longitude lines continually widen from a central point also distorting land masses. In nature there are no straight lines. Could latitude and longitude lines actually be spirals rather than straight lines?

  9. There are also no real photos or videos of a globe earth. Only images furnished courtesy of your taxdollars from NASA’s state-of-the-art Scientific Visualization Studios… Kodak doesn’t need trillions of tax dollars to produce a photo, and they don’t hide the negatives either.

      • But then again, why lie and say the pictures of Earth are real, when they are not. Which will eventually lead people to question the very mission and purpose of NASA.

        • NASA photos of Mars are faked. The lunar landing was faked. NASA photos of earth are composites, not a still photo.

          But none of that proves that the earth is flat, it just proves that .gov is corrupt.

          • Only the Blue Marble photos are composites for higher quality images. They stitch multiple satellite photos together then they get a photo of earth then they enhance it like enchance the color etc and then they publish it. There’s over 1600 real photos of earth taken from the DSCOVR satellite.

  10. With that picture saying that ‘When someone tells you there is no ice wall in Antarctica’, it does not really prove that there is an ice wall and it also does not prove that the Earth is flat. They need to show the edge of the Earth, which in fact no one has ever found. No edge means no flat earth, just a very huge massive rotating globe. That is what the Earth really is.


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