Search For Truth, Not To Defend A Belief

Obviously by the title, you can see that this website provides explanations that show that the flat earth theory doesn’t work in the real world.

Let me start by saying that I understand that it doesn’t seem like the Earth is spinning or that we are flying through space; and that Bible verses seem to point to a stationary earth, and a moving sun.

While those things seem to point to a geocentric design of our universe, it does not in itself prove that the earth is flat.

The Illuminati card game has a Flat Earth card that says “People laugh, but the flat earthers know something”.

It may be pointing to the earth being geocentric.  If that’s it, then the flat earthers do know something, that most people are ignoring.

And/or it may be pointing to flat earthers knowing that NASA misleads people about their missions and uses CGI images, but that in itself doesn’t prove the flat earth. The enemy is quite devious, and may use those things on purpose to reinforce their deception.

What’s interesting to me is that the debate is between the geocentric flat earth vs. the heliocentric globe earth.  But that may be a false dichotomy, as there is a third option that hardly anyone is talking about; the geocentric globe earth.

It puts the Earth at the center of the universe, proving a Creator, and explaining why stars perfectly circle the Earth; while maintaining the global structure of earth, and the surrounding elaborate universe, which is a precision time-piece.

The focus of this website is not about whether the earth is geocentric or heliocentric; but about whether it’s flat or a globe.

Why would the enemy create the flat earth deception?

Because most flat earthers are sharing truth in other areas, whether it’s about coming out of churchianity, about the Illuminati and their agenda, etc.; so by getting them to believe in the flat earth, they cause family and friends to stop listening to all that they teach.

On this page I will address the major challenges that I’ve found with the flat earth theory, which are explained in more detail on the other pages.

If you’re a flat-earther, you can decide to click away, thinking that you know the truth; but I would hope that your goal is to find the whole truth, not to defend a position.

I don’t have all of the answers, but my gifting is discernment and my logical mind helps eliminate explanations that are contrary to logic and what we actually see.

Flat Earthers have no scientific explanation for how to predict meteor showers and what causes them.

Here’s a list of upcoming meteor shows in 2018:

  • January 3,4 Quadrantids meteor shower
  • April 22-23 Lyrids meteor shower
  • May 6-7 Eta Aquarids meteor shower
  • July 28-29 Delta Aquarids meteor shower
  • August 12-13 Perseids meteor shower
  • October 8 Draconids meteor shower
  • October 21-22 Orionids meteor shower
  • November 5-6 Taurids meteor shower
  • November 17-18 Leonids meteor shower
  • December 13-14 Geminids meteor shower
  • December 21-22 Ursids meteor shower

Flat earthers tell us to trust our perspective, but when we do that, we see that the sun and moon do not line up with the flat earth theory.

Flat earthers proclaim that the moon is a flat disc, but that simply cannot be true.

This is so easily disproved, that it’s nonsensical for flat earthers to proclaim it.

Flat earthers proclaim that the moon is a flat disc, but that simply cannot be true.

The shadows on the moon prove that it is being illuminated from an external light source.

The sun obviously illuminates the moon, which is contrary to what flat earthers proclaim

Flat earthers cite Genesis 1:16 and say the the world ‘light‘ means that the moon is self-illuminated.

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.”

The Hebrew word for ‘light’ points to a luminous body. It does not say that it provides its own illumination.

ma’owr; properly, a luminous body or luminary, i.e. (abstractly) light (as an element): figuratively, brightness, i.e.cheerfulness; specifically, a chandelier:—bright, light.

Of course they have no way to scientifically explain how the moon illuminates itself, like we do for the Sun.

And they cannot explain how the moon changes its illumination so that we see crescent moons and half moons.

It’s impossible for people on the flat earth model to see the same side of the moon.

People in North America would see a different side of the moon from people in South Americath moon

We would see different sides of the moon, on the flat earth model.

The moon can't work properly on the flat earth

The sun and moon do not vanish as a small dot over the horizon; but rather, they rise up from under the horizon and set below the horizon.

On the flat earth, objects that are moving away would simply grow smaller and disappear at the vanishing point, but they would always stay above the horizon.

But every day we see the Sun rise up from under the horizon, and set down below the horizon.

The rising moon proves the globe earth, not the flat earth

The setting sun proves the globe earth not the flat earth

It’s impossible for the sun to rise due East and set due West on the Equinox days.

The sun cannot work properly on the flat earth model.

The sun does not rise and set at the proper locations on the flat earth model.

Australia sun rises due East and sets due West on equinox, disproving flat earth theory

The paths of the 2017 and 2024 solar eclipses across the United States are impossible to explain on the flat earth model.

There is no scientific explanation for the solar eclipse on the flat earth model, and we can clearly see that the path of the eclipse across the United States, cannot match up with the circular path of the flat earth sun.

Here are the 2017 and 2024 eclipse paths overlaid on what people are calling a flat earth map. There is no way to explain how an eclipsed sun, which is circling south of the United States; could create shadows on the United States that curve in the opposite direction.

How do flat earthers scientifically predict upcoming solar and lunar eclipses?

They don’t! There is no scientific data which shows what causes the eclipses (many flat earthers say that the moon doesn’t cause the solar eclipse), and when they will happen.

The Spring and Fall Equinox is a great time to prove whether the earth is flat or a globe.

Geodetic surveying shows that angles of the measured triangle exceed 180 degrees, proving that Earth is curved.  This is called ‘spherical excess’. 

Flat earthers push aside 100’s of years worth of measurements that have been recorded by geodesic surveyors all over the earth.

These surveyors have painstakingly taken measurements from point to point, and using geometry and triangulation, have determined the size of continents, and the shape of the earth.

Triangulation on a flat earth would yield 180 degree sums, but surveyors have found that the sums are greater than 180 degrees, which proves the arc of the earth.  Read Geodesy Proof Of The Flat Earth Deception.

Geodetic surveying reveals that the angles of the measured triangle exceed 180 degrees, proving that the Earth is curved. This is called ‘spherical excess’. If the Earth was flat, the angles would add up to 180 degrees.

One of the biggest perspective problems is that flat earthers are applying the 8″ per mile squared earth curvature formula to wrong line.

The 8″ per mile squared calculation does not measure the curvature of the line of sight, your horizon line; it extends far beyond what you can see.

8 inch per mile squared formula for curved globe earth

One of the biggest perspective problems is that flat earthers are applying the 8" per mile earth curvature formula to wrong line.

Let’s apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

Let's apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

Here is the Earth’s Curve Horizon, Bulge, Drop, and Hidden Calculator, which people use to try to prove that the earth isn’t curved.  This is the default setting of the globe earth with a radius of 3,959 miles, which shows that if your view height is 6 feet, then your horizon line is 3 miles away.  And that’s pretty much what we see in real life.

Curved Earth Pythagorean theorem Formula

Most photos from flat earthers are taken from an elevated position, which extends the horizon line; so just plug the estimated height of the elevated position into the Metabunk Earth’s Curve Formula, and you will see that the horizon line matches up; proving the curved Earth.

Curved Earth Pythagorean theorem Formula viewer height

In the below calculation I used the Advanced option to add 7 zeroes after the planet radius, to mimic a planet that is so big that the flat top is bigger than the supposed flat earth.

And it shows that if your view height is 6 feet, your horizon line is 9,482 miles away.

Curved Earth Pythagorean theorem Formula flat

Now of course your eyes can’t see that far, but a good telescope would be able to see across the flat plain to be able to see that far.

The point is that if the earth really were flat, then you would be able to see much, much further than 3 miles.

Californians should be able to see Hawaii with a telescope, or Mt. McKinley, which is 20,000 feet high.  From atop of Pike Peaks, which is 14,000 feet high, I should be able to use a powerful telescope to see all of America.

But the reason that we can only see to the horizon line is because the earth is curved; you are seeing the bulge of the Earth.

Here is a more technical explanation of the Earth curvature formula, to see how it is being misapplied by flat earthers.

Here is a more technical explanation of the Earth curvature formula, to see how it is being misapplied by flat earthers.

There are a lot of explanations on this website which counter the flat earth explanations, but first let’s set the record straight about the map that most flat-earthers are using.

The map that flat-earthers use actually represents the globe earth!

Before computers, mapping out airplane flight routes was a challenge, as they had to use a globe, or images of the northern and southern hemispheres, like these.

Azimuthal equidistant map globes

To resolve this problem they created the azimuthal equidistant map, which allowed them to see all of the continents on one 2D map.

In order to do this, the bottom half of the globe earth had to be flared out into the outer circles. On the north-polar azimuthal projection map the northern hemisphere is shown in the inner circle, and the southern hemisphere is shown in the flared out circle that surrounds it.

The north-polar equidistant projectionmap is not a flat earth map!

These maps can be centered from anywhere.  If you were planning flights from London, you would center it on London.

North-polar azimuthal projection maps were used during times of war, and the polar route is the shortest distance between countries.

Rendering a globe earth onto a 2D image always cause some distortion.

On the azimuthal projection map, the further away the land mass is from the center point, the greater the distortion.  This is why Australia looks so wide, as it’s been stretched.

Since the continent of Antarctica is opposite of the North Pole on the globe earth, the only way to graphically represent it on the north-polar azimuthal projection map is by turning it inside out, and spreading it out as a white ring on the outside edge.

The South Pole is graphically represented by the outside line of the map.

You can see that the white ring has several bays that match up to the Ross Sea, which is close to New Zealand; and Weddell Sea, which is close to South America.

Below is a south-polar azimuthal equidistant projection map.  You can see that Antarctica and Australia are now normal size, as they are close to the center point; but North America and Euro-Russia are very distorted.  And you can see that the outside edge is blue, because opposite of the South Pole is water on the North Pole.

Antartica south pole azimuthal map proces the flat earth theory is false

Here is a equidistant projection map that is centered on Santiago, Chile.  North and South America are normal size, as is Antarctica, since they are close to the center point; but Euro-Russia is greatly distorted, so much so that it is graphically rendered as a ring around the outside edge (just like the north-polar map).


You can make your own azimuthal equidistant projection maps on this website. You just need to enter the location; such as 90N,0W for the north pole; and 90S, 0W for the south pole.

Here is a Hammond’s north-polar equidistant map for airplane travel, which is the same map that flat earthers use.

It has both sides of the globe represented, which are declaring that it is a projection of the globe earth onto a 2D map. You can clearly see the continent of Antarctica on the bottom of the globes in white.

Hammond's globe map is not a flat earth map

This close-up shows you that the globe declares the continent of Antarctica and the South Pole; and then again on the projection map.  It is declaring that the outside line is the South Pole.  It’s clearly telling you that the continent of Antarctica on the globe earth is represented as the white ring on the projection map.

Hammond's map declares that the ice ring is the continent of Antarctica

On the bottom left of the map is a guide to the distances between meridian (N-S) lines. The distance increases up to the equator, and then decrease at the same rate to the South Pole.  It’s declaring that though on the projection map it appears that the distances are become greater (because the southern hemisphere is flared out so that you can see it on a 2D projection map), that in fact they are getting smaller because the earth is globe-shaped.

Hammonds globe projection map meridian line distances prove that it is not a flat earth map

This Air Map Of The World from 1945 tells the truth, that the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection represents a globe.

Notice that it doesn’t have an ice wall!  That is because they didn’t include the continent of Antarctica, because it is so greatly distorted.

azimuthal equidistant projection map is not a flat earth map

Here is the call out box on the top right:

This Air Map Of The World from 1945 tells the truth, that the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection represents a globe.

It says “Since it is impossible to spread the surface of a globe on a flat surface without distortion, all maps are distorted in some respects.  In this map the distortion occurs in the east and west distances.  This distortion increases gradually from the North Pole to the Equator, and then quite rapidly to the outer limits.  The distortion of the Antarctic areas would be so great that these are not shown.”

So they didn’t even include the supposed ‘ice wall’, because it’s not an ice wall; it’s the continent of Antarctica, which is greatly distorted by the algorithm used to make the projection map.  Since Antarctica is opposite of the North Pole on the globe earth, the only way for the program to render it was to stretch it out as a circle.  The outer circle is the South Pole.   The continent has been inverted.

To prove that the supposed ice wall is really the distorted and inverted continent of Antarctica, here is an image that has the outer white ring and the continent of Antarctica.

The image keeps the land mass around the outside edge, and has the continent of Antarctica in the middle, as that is what is on the bottom of the globe.  The land mass is exaggerated, as the outside ring representation is exaggerated.  The continent is inverted to match the inverted outer circle, as the equidistant view is from the top down.

The flat earth map ice ring is actually antarctica

Look at the left side of the continent, which is small compared to the right side.  That matches the thin land mass of the left, compared to the right.

Now look at the peninsula on the left lower side at 240 degrees.  It matches the peninsula on Antarctica.

The top of the circle is very thin and has a recess.

That matches the curvature of the top of Antarctica.

On the bottom right at 110 degrees, there is a small indentation.

That matches the bay on the southeast part of Antarctica.

Let’s take it one step further.  The bottom left red line shows that the meridian lines runs from the bay of Antarctica through South America. The bottom left red lines shows that the meridian line runs from the small bay runs through Asia.  The top red line shows that the meridian line runs from the other large bay in between North America and Russia.

Flat Earth map is equidistant map

The azimuthal equidistant map projection is only a tool, to help determine distances and flight maps on a globe earth.

Every time a flat-earther posts an explanation about direct airplane flights that they say is wrong on a globe earth; they are using this equidistant map, which is a globe map.

Flat earthers take words out of context to say that the Bible declares a flat earth.

They cite the words “pillars of the earth” to proclaim that the flat earth sit on top of pillars.

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S, and he hath set the world upon them.” 1 Samuel 2:8

Read 1 Samuel 2:2-7, 9-10; you see that the word ‘pillars’ is referring to leaders of the earth, not physical pillars that support the flat earth.

Just like the saying that someone is a ‘pillar in the community’, it is declaring they are a strong leader.

The context is clearly about Elohim raising seemingly lowly people and making them the leaders of the earth.  It is not talking about the design of the physical earth!

Flat earthers say that the ‘circle‘ in Isaiah 40:22 is declaring a flat circle earth.

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

Let’s back up to get the context of the verse. Elohim is declaring the glory of His creation.

And to whom would you liken Ěl? And what likeness would you compare to Him? The workman moulds a graven image, and the goldsmith overspreads it with gold, and the silversmith casts silver chains. Isaiah 40:18-19

He is declaring that the works of man are nothing as compared to His creativity and power. Then He points out His Mazzoroth, the twelve signs in the heavenly circle, which have proclaimed His plan of redemption from the beginning.

Did you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been declared to you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? Isaiah 40:21

Do you bring out the constellations (Mazzoroth) in its season? Or do you lead the Bear with its sons. Job 38:32

The CIRCLE in Isaiah 40:22 is the Mazzoroth in the sky above, that has 12 constellations in a circle on the ecliptic, which declare the Gospel. It is like a curtain which covers the earth, and in which the stars dwell.

The circle of Isaiah 40:22 is the ecliptic, not the flat earth circle

We see that Elohim tells them to look up to the celestial sphere (circle) of the stars of the Mazzoroth.

Lift up your eyes on high and see. Who has created these? He who is bringing out their host by number, He calls them all by name, by the greatness of His might and the strength of His power – not one is missing. Isaiah 40:26

He appoints the number of the stars, He gives names to all of them.” Psalm 147:4

So one can clearly see that when Elohim referred to the circle of the Earth, He is referring to the circle of the Mazzoroth which acts as a constant witness to those on earth, about His great power, and about His redemption plan.

The same Hebrew word, chuwg, is used in Job 22:14 to describe the circuit of heaven. “Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit (chuwg) of heaven.”

Stop manipulating the Word of Elohim!  Read Biblical Proofs Of The Flat Earth Deception.

One of the most misleading things that proponents of the flat earth say is to ‘use your perspective as proof‘.

The challenge is that we are a small human on a large earth, so our perception is distorted.

We can only see so wide and far, so staring at a horizon that is only a few miles wide, we cannot see the curvature.

Flatearthers posts pictures from airplanes which seem to have a straight horizon, but when you put a line across the photo, you can see the curvature. In this image you can see the line is level with the horizon at the airplane pillar, and that there is a gap on the left and right side.

Airline pilot photo shows the curved earth

On this picture the red line is level on the left side, but you can clearly see the gap on the right side.

Airline pilot photo shows the curved earth 3

On this picture the red line is even on the sides, and you can see the curve of the earth in the center.

Supposed flat earth airplane image

Flatearthers counter by claiming that airplanes have curved glass that distorts the horizon.
Do you really think that airplanes would have glass in the cockpit that distorts the pilots view?
Does the windshield in your car cause the horizon to curve?  No!


Flat-earthers push aside the witness and photos of countless astronomers throughout the years and around the world, who have taken pictures of the planets and distant galaxies.

They proclaim that there are no real planets, and that they are just projections or lights.

There are astronomy clubs at many schools and astronomy groups in most major cities, who take pictures of the moon, stars, planets and distant galaxies. There is just no way that all of that is a conspiracy to hide the flat earth theory.

You can buy phone apps that show you where to look in the sky for planets, so that you know where to look with your optical telescope.

You can visit astronomy clubs and they will let you look through their optical telescopes, to see the planets and distance galaxies for yourself.  There is simply no excuse for this laziness!

Read Astronomy Proves The Flat Earth Deception.

Flat earthers push aside the witness of people who work in companies that use satellites.

They proclaim that there are no satellites, but that everything is done through cables or ground-based antennas.

Meteorologists around the world use satellites to show storms like hurricanes.

Hughes Satellite internet service can’t work with cables or land-based antennas, as the locations that receive the signals are too remote.

Navstar GPS works in remote areas through satellites.

Look at a house with the Dish Network, Echostar, DirectTV. What direction is the dish pointed to? The sky!!!

Look at a remote-location TV news crew, where is their dish pointed to?  The sky!

Sirius radio provides signals to you when you are far away from ground based antennas

Look at remote military units and military facilities to see where their dishes are pointed to.  The sky!

To deny satellites is to deny the existence of a space program covering the US, EU, Russia, China, India, Brazil, employing tens of millions of people and spending tens of billions of dollars a year, putting satellites in orbit, sending probes everywhere, creating the GPS system, satellite TV, etc.

It would mean that all of that is faked, on an ongoing basis, and none of these tens of millions of people has ever exposed the lie.

Read Satellites Prove The Flat Earth Deception.

They push aside the many people who have been to Antarctica as a researcher or tourist.

Flat earthers proclaim that the ice ring is protected so that nobody can see the end of the flat earth.

But that is ludicrous as people visit every year for research and for tourism.

Read Antarctica Proves The Flat Earth Deception

They push aside the witness of water rotation physics.

Water going down drains swirls rotates clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. There is no explanation for this in the flat earth model.

Hurricanes typically rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. Typhoons typically rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere.  There is no explanation for this in the flat earth model.

These short videos address many flat earth explanations.

Proving the Earth is not Flat – Part 1 – The Horizon

Proving the Earth is not Flat – Part 2 – The Stars

Proving the Earth is not Flat – Part 3 – The Moon

Proving the Earth is not Flat – Part 4 – Easy Experiments

So why is the flat earth a topic these days? 

More and more people on Facebook and YouTube are promoting the flat earth theory, with ridiculous explanations that prove nothing.

Many of these people expose other conspiracies that have been foisted upon us; and they expose the truth about the Father and Son’s true names, about the Holy Feast Days, corrupt Bibles, etc.

So I believe that the enemy is getting them to believe in the flat-earth theory, so that others will discount all that they are proclaiming. It’s called a PSYOP, a Psychological Operation.

I think that flat-earthers are going to make everyone so tired of hearing about it, that people will not seek any of the truths that they share.  Many of them opening condemn everyone who doesn’t believe it, calling them fools and globeheads.

The story that Christians believed in a flat earth until Columbus’ time, and for some time thereafter, began as part of a fictional story that was elevated to historical fact by late 19th-century Darwinists who used it primarily as a means to ridicule Christians.

Sadly that appears to be happening again, as truthers who proclaim the flat earth are being ridiculed.

I hope that this page has helped to open your eyes to the truth, that the earth is a globe.

If you have some insight to prove that what I have shown is not correct, please comment below.

If you just want to make statements, without any proof; or if you just want to make accusations against me; then your comment may not be added to the discussion.

David Nikao

p.s. My explanations are logical, and are based on what we can see.  I don’t offer scientific explanations, because that is not my strength.

Sadly, I see flat earthers mocking scientific explanations about the globe earth, but giving really unscientific answers.

If you want scientific answers, visit Creation Ministries International. They have many proofs that show that the flat earth model cannot work properly; and which prove the globe earth, with science and geometry.

p.p.s  If you’re a flat earther, and you are mocking the designs of the globe earth and the universe; you are mocking your Creator!

Sadly, in my research, I’ve had to witness many believers acting woefully on Facebook and YouTube, towards people whom they call ‘globeheads‘; mocking them, attacking them, and treating fellow believers with disrespect.  Oh, how the Father must be displeased with this division that the enemy has created!


{ 5 comments… read them below or add one }

SUZANNE SIPE January 4, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Thank you, I guess I want Him to not have favorites.


Eric J. Kutny January 5, 2018 at 10:05 am

Why does the Southern stars rotate? They rotate because they are a reflection off of the dome of the sky, this can be demostrated using mirrors placed on both sides of a spining disc tilted angled up!
Dude, your teaching lies to people and denying the Truth of God, if you died in this willful Sin, it may be very bad for you! The Earth is flat and your a deceiver, scoffer and blind Guide! Woe is you, repent, repent, repent!


David January 5, 2018 at 4:50 pm

So just because you can use mirrors to create a reflection of the stars on a north-polar azimuthal projection (a 2D globe map), you think that validates that the dome reflects the stars? It’s a curved dome, but somehow it doesn’t distort the reflection. Amazing!

Of course it can be logically explained on the globe earth model, but that’s too easy!

There’s going to be 11 different meteor showers in 2018. Please explain to me how flat earthers are able to predict the dates, and the source of the falling stars.

Please explain to me why the full moon rises up from below the horizon and appears at full size; because if the earth was flat, it would appear as a small dot above the horizon and grow larger as it comes towards us.

Please explain to me how we see the same side of the full moon all night, when on a flat earth we would see the front size at moonrise, the bottom when it’s overhead, and the back size at moonset.

Please explain to me how a flat disc full moon appears as a full circle all night, because of the flat earth it would appear as an oval when it’s in the distance and once appear as a full circle when it’s overhead.

You come here mocking me, condemning me, but you ignore all of the simple, logical proofs on this website; which prove that the earth is not flat.

The irony is that there are much bigger issues facing believers these days, such as how the end times will play out; as the enemy has caused many deceptions.

The end times script that the enemy has caused Christians to believe is false, and it sets them up to take the mark of the beast, which will affect their judgment.

Most of Revelation has already been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years; as Satan has fought against Messiah and His saints. And the historical fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation prove that the God of the Bible is the One True God.

But I’ll bet that most flat earthers are following the false script of the enemy: waiting on a pre-trib rapture, when a 7-year Israel peace agreement is created; and that they will avoid the supposed one-man antichrist; the 3 1/2 years of great tribulation; and the Revelation seals, trumpets and bowls.

I’ve done my research Eric. I’ve proclaimed that I’m open to the geocentric earth view. I’ve proclaimed that NASA fakes missions.

But what I’ve found is that most explanations from flat earthers are not logical, and are non-sensical and unscientific; that they take Bible verses out of context; that they have to dismiss a massive amount of evidence of the globe earth model; that they have not taken geodesic measurements of the earth to prove that it’s flat, and they dismiss the body of geodesic measurement evidence that’s already been done, which show that arc-angles prove that the earth is curved; that they have no pictures of the dome or edge of the flat earth disc; that they post pictures from planes proclaiming the earth is flat, that when you apply a straight line to them, you see the curve; that they believe that there are security forces in planes and boats 24×7, around the 65,000 mile perimeter of the supposed ice wall, to prevent people from getting to it; that they have to believe that the flat earth is a worldwide conspiracy that has endured for thousands of years.. Sorry, none of that works for me.

And sadly, I’ve had to find out that some Christian flat earthers are judgmental and like to call globe earthers names.

I pray that you will search for truth, not to defend a belief!


Ben January 14, 2018 at 6:10 am

I don’t think flat earth is a psyops or it diminishes the Bible in any way. Let’s forget science and read the Bible.

The Bible seem to promote a three tier cosmology. Heavens, Earth, and the Abyss (pergatory, hell..etc). When we go to Genesis 1:1 and reread it without trying to imagine and visualize it from the globe-earth perspective, new way of looking at the text opens up to us. We read that in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. Right away you are probably imagining a sphere in space. Stop it. Reread it again without projecting globe-earth worldview. It sounds to me like the earth was not created in Space. Cosmos and earth are two realms which were created in the very beginning before anything else. I want you to notice that the earth was not created inside space it was create along side it. Cosmos (space) and earth seem to share equal importance in the creation. When we think of Space and Earth from a globe-earth worldview, we believe that Earth is a dust particle compared to the vastness and size of space.

Let’s follow along. “The earth was without form and void.” This description does not sound to me like its a sphere filled with water floating in space. It sounds to me like a flat plane. It has absolutely no form, and it’s void. I can only think of one thing that can fit this description, and that is flat plane. A flat plane has no form. Any other shape has form.

The thing is, we grew up with the globe earth worldview; we were already conditioned to not question globe earth. So, when we read the Bible we project that mindset unto Genesis 1:1 and any other verse in the Bible and imagine the Bible saying things that it may not. Next time you read the Bible, try to read it without imagining globe-earth, you start to read the Bible a little differently.

Now, I’m not saying that the flat-earth is true, but flat-earth made me question men’s knowledge even more. I am more grounded in God’s word than I was ever before. Sure, flat earth has its set of problems from the scientific point of view, but so does globe earth. The problem is, often our Biblical authority is influenced by science. For many Christians today, science is a bigger authority on the subject of creation and other related matters than the Bible itself. When the Bible says, God created the world in seven days “…and there was morning and evening”, it is not popular to read the text as written, because the science has “proven” that the world exists billions of years. So what do the Christians scientists do? Instead of rejecting science, they start to reinterpret the Bible to unify it with science so there won’t be any disputes. So what happened is, the “day” in the Bible, is no longer a day. “Morning and Evening” are not longer morning and evening. Why? Well, because science is the authority, and if science says “billions of years” we can’t reject it, so we have to change what the Bible says.

Most problems with Flat Earth, from the scientific perspective, have to do with how the sun, moon, and stars move around it. I understand the problems. If you read the Book of Enoch, which is not an “inspired” book, but Jude, Jesus, David and others have quoted from it. Anyways, the whole cosmological order, according to Enoch, works much different than what globe-earthers and flat-earthers say. Enoch goes in depth describing the movement of the sun, stars, and the moon. I suggest you read it to get acquainted with another perspective.

When God visited Job (chapter 38-39) notice how God starts the discussion with Job. Job, thought he knew a lot about God’s creation, until God began asking him questions.

4 “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?
Tell me, if you understand.
5 Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!
Who stretched a measuring line across it?
6 On what were its footings set,
or who laid its cornerstone—
7 while the morning stars sang together
and all the angels[a] shouted for joy?

We can ask the same thing of our scientists today. Where were you guy when God laid the foundation of the earth?

My point is, only God knows what shape the earth is, and how he created it, luckily he wrote about it for us in the Bible, let’s not question it.


David January 14, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Thank you Ben for sharing your insight! I agree that the major problems with the flat earth theory are how the sun, moon and stars work; which is why a lot of my focus is on them. I can see how the two sides are reconciled with the geocentric globe earth. Then the passages about the earth being fixed, and the sun rising and setting, standing still, etc., make sense.

Flat earthers proclaim that the Bible declares that the earth is flat, but most of their explanations are taken out of context.


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