Wolfie6020 Shows Curved Path Of Jet Over Earth, Proving Globe

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Wolfie6020 posted this video of him flying a Global Express jet at 47,000 feet, which is above where passenger jets fly.

He posted it not really to prove that the earth is flat, though he did show that that horizon line on the head-up display points out to the sky, a few degrees above the horizon line of the earth. He even showed the infra-red camera view to prove it.

What’s really interesting to me is the plane that’s spraying chemtrails below his plane. I’ve never seen a chemtrail plane spraying from above.

On a regular jet the contrails only last for a short time, but on these chemtrail planes we see the evidence of where they’ve been. Look at the arc of the flight path of the plane. You can see that as it’s maintaining altitude over the earth, it’s path is curved. Hello!?!

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