The Sun Proves The Flat Earth Deception

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

This page shows shows that the Sun proves the globe earth, not the flat earth.

Questions for flat earthers: What is the scientific explanation for how the sun moves from the smaller circle of the Tropic of Cancer, to the much larger circle of the Tropic of Capricorn?  And what is the scientific explanation for how the sun increases and decreases its speed, to complete one revolution around the flat earth each day?

Please comment on the bottom of this page with your answer. Thank you!

In order for the sun to circle the flat earth in 24 hours, it would have to increase and decrease its speed.

In order for the sun to circle the flat earth in 24 hours, it would have to increase and decrease its speed.

Note: the numbers for the tropics are based on the supposed flat earth map, not on the globe. The supposed flat earth map is distorted, as it’s a north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe earth. So though the Tropics on the globe earth have a circumference of 22,847 miles, on the flat earth map they are distorted. Using the equator as a baseline at 24,901 miles in circumference; the numbers of the Tropic of Cancer (18,504 miles) and the Tropic of Capricorn (32,729 miles) are based on the geometry of the azimuthal projection; not the actual globe.

When the sun is circling the Equator on the Equinoxes, it would be traveling at 1,037 MPH.

This means that it would only take 2 hours and 35 minutes to span the United States; but we can see the sun overhead for much longer than that; and we can see the sun take 12 hours to cross the sky from sunrise to sunset.

The flat earth sun would span the United States in 2 Hours 35 minutes; which does not match up with what we see

This sunset video proves that the earth is not flat.

The height of the Observatory in the freedom tower in New York is 1268 ft above ground level.  As the Sun began to disappear behind the horizon the rays of light were angled slightly upwards into the building.  This would never occur on a Flat Earth with a Sun circling above.

This Illustration for the post “day-night-area” proves that the sun can’t work properly on the flat earth model.

In the summer time at Scott Base in Antarctica, the sun is above the horizon for 4 months, from roughly the end of the third week of October until the end of the third week of February. This shows the movement of the sun over a full 24 hour period near the peak of summer.

It’s not possible to see the sun 360 degrees through the day, from any point on the supposed flat earth ice wall.

The sun on the flat earth would have to be travelling at 1,040 MPH when it’s over the equator; which means that it travel over the state of Colorado in 22 minutes.  

That means that if we’re viewing the sun from Denver at 11 minutes before solar noon; then we would have to look out to the Eastern sky, towards the Eastern border of the state, to see the sun. And then at solar noon the sun would be overhead.  And then 11 minutes after solar noon, we would have to look to the Western sky, to the Western border, to see the sun.

But that is clearly not what we see, as we see the distant sun directly overhead during those 22 minutes; and would hardly discern that it’s moved.

Colorado sun perspective proves that the earth is not flat

The observable reality is that the size of the Sun does not change as it sets.

This contradicts what would occur on a Flat Earth if the Sun was moving further away.  Perspective will result in objects appearing smaller as they move further away from you.  The Sun should get smaller if the Earth was flat. In reality it does not.

The Sun is clearly not moving above a Flat Earth.

Any Flat Earth Channel that shows you an unfiltered Sun appearing to shrink is either being naive or deliberately dishonest.

Flat earthers misrepresent the size of the sun, to proclaim that it gets smaller as it sets.

Flat earthers misrepresent the size of the sun, proclaiming that it is shrinking

Another sunset with and without the Solar Filter. The clips were processed at 30, 15 and 10 frames per second.

This video shows how the size of the sun in the hazy sky changes as the camera automatically adjusts.

The predictive power of Globe Geometry

This video demonstrates the degree of accuracy that tools such as Google Earth and Suncalc display.

The predictive power of Globe Math and Geometry always matches perfectly to results in the real world.  The Flat Earth Society has nothing even close.

The path of the 08/21/17 solar eclipse across the United States, is impossible on the flat earth model.

We can clearly see that the path of the eclipse across the United States, cannot match up with the circular path of the flat earth sun.

The path of the 08/21/17 solar eclipse across the United States, is impossible on the flat earth model.

Here’s the scientific explanation of how a solar eclipse occurs on the globe earth.

Here's the scientific explanation of how a solar eclipse occurs on the globe earth.

There is no scientific explanation for the solar eclipse on the flat earth model.

Like the moon, the sun does not work on the flat earth model either.

A flat earth sun cannot shine up to illuminate under local clouds


The sun cannot work properly on the flat earth model.

The sun cannot rise due east and set due west on the flat earth model, on the day of Equilux.

The sun circles over the Equator on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes.   The day of Equilux is the day on which there is 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of nighttime.  On the day of Equilux, the sun rises due east and sets due west.

The sun cannot rise due east or set due west on the flat earth model

This simply is not possible on the flat earth model, as the sun would be much further north at those times.

Total solar eclipses cannot be explained on the flat earth model.

The pattern of the upcoming total solar eclipse on 08/21/17 can be explained with the globe Earth, but not on the supposed flat earth model.  Given that the sun and moon supposedly travel in a circular orbit 3,000 miles above the flat earth, how would the sun be eclipsed?

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 proves globe earth

The pattern of the upcoming total solar eclipse on 04/08/24 can be explained with the globe Earth, but not on the supposed flat earth model.  Note how the path of the eclipse is opposite of the previous one.

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 proves globe earth The pattern of the upcoming total solar eclipse on 08/21/17 can be explained with the globe Earth, but not on the supposed flat earth model.


Proof that the size of the sun does not change.

Nikon P900 with Orion Solar Filter – seeing the true size of the Sun correctly.


Flat Earth Sun Graphic Invalidates Flat Earth Theory

Click on the image to see an animated graphic, which shows how the flat earth sun would appear.

Flat Earth sun model disproves the flat earth theory


Flat Earth perspective expectation vs reality – The size of the Sun.


This graphic of the sun and moon rotating above the flat earth looks cool, but this is not what we see when you look at the sun and the moon.

Flat earth sun doesn't work properly

Let’s look at the location the sun from the east coast of the United States of America.

In the morning, when the sun is lighting up the east coast, the sun is not due East, but rather it is about 20 degrees North.

Flat earth sunrise, noon and sunset, over east coast

At noon, the sun is now directly South.  And then at sunset, the sun is not due West, but rather it is about 20 degrees North.

Is that really what we witness?  Do we see the sun rise in the Northeast, then move to due South position, and then move to the Northwest by sunset?  No!

Let’s look at the location of the moon at sunset to see the relationship.

During the new moon phase, the moon is close to the sun in the western sky at sunset, and we don’t see any light on the moon.

Each day the moon ends up 12.2 degrees further away from the sun.

7 days after the dark conjunction, we see the 1/2 moon directly overhead at sunset.

14 days later the full moon is across the sky from the sunset, 180 degrees away from it.

The flat earth model has no way to show how the sun and moon move so closely together during the dark conjunction phase.

If they are on the same circular path as shown in the flat earth image, they would run into each other.

If they are on separate paths, where is that explanation on this supposed flat earth map?

In this example the sun cannot rise in the Southeast horizon of Sydney during winter, as on the flat earth map it is in the Tropic of Capricorn, which is North of Sydney.

The flat earth model sun does not work, as angles for sunrise and sunset are wrong

In this example the sun cannot rise in due east of Sydney during spring and fall, as on the flat earth map it is at the Equator, which is North of Sydney.

The flat earth sun rise and set points are wrong on the flat earth model

In this example the sun cannot rise and set at the proper points, as on the flat earth map it is in the Tropic of Cancer, which is far North of Sydney.

The flat earth model sun does not work, as angles for sunrise and sunset are wrong

It is impossible that a Sun that is 3,000 miles above the flat earth would disappear at the horizon point, and then 90 minutes later, it would have no influence over the land.

That is only possible on a curved earth where the rays of the Sun are blocked out.

Astronomers define the three stages of twilight – civil (less than 6 degrees below the horizon), nautical (between 6 degrees and 12 degrees below the horizon), and astronomical (between 12 degrees and 18 degrees below the horizon) – on the basis of the Sun’s elevation which is the angle that the geometric center of the Sun makes with the horizon.

On flat earth Sun would become smaller based on perspective.

But the sun is far away, and does not become smaller.

How can it be daylight in California at 10pm eastern time? If the Sun is 3,000 miles above us, on the flat earth, it would still illuminate the east coast.

Psalms 104:22  The sun arises – they withdraw And lie down in their dens.

Scripture does not say that the Sun will go across the earth, it says it will rise and go down.  It can only go down on a globe earth, not a flat earth.

An airplane flying at the same altitude across the sky does not rise or fall, it simply goes from one horizon point over us in a straight line to the end horizon point.

The Sun does not act this way.  It clearly rises and sets.  It is not going away and getting smaller like the Jet.  It stays the same size.

Take picture of sun rising, sun overhead and sun setting, using single focal point camera.

Bible verse say that the sun goes down, not away.

90 minutes after the sun goes over the horizon, it can not be dark on a flat earth.

Flat earth proponents say that the Sun is 3,000 miles above the earth.  If that is true, then it is impossible for the Sun to move far enough away during the next 90 minutes for it to be dark.

90 minutes after the sun goes down on the globe earth, the rays are hidden behind the earth, so that it is dark.

Dusk times hide the Suns rays, proving the globe earth

Civil twilight occurs when the Sun is less than 6 degrees below the horizon. In the morning, civil twilight begins when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and ends at sunrise. In the evening, it begins at sunset and ends when the Sun reaches 6 degrees below the horizon.

Civil dawn is the moment when the geometric center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning.

Civil dusk is the moment when the geometrical center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening.

Astronomical twilight occurs when the Sun is between 12 degrees and 18 degrees below the horizon.

Astronomical dawn is the time when the geometric center of the Sun is at 18 degrees below the horizon. Before this time, the sky is absolutely dark.

Astronomical dusk is the instant when the geographical center of the Sun is at 18 degrees below the horizon. After this point, the sky is no longer illuminated.

A completely dark sky is impossible 90 minutes after the sun disappears over the horizon, on the flat earth model!

The Sun’s changing 90 degree angle proves the globe earth

On December 21st at noon, the sun will be at 90 degrees above the horizon at spot along 23.44 degrees south of the equator or along the line known as the Tropic of Capricorn. This is as far south as that 90 degree position of the sun, at noon, ever goes.


At that point, the sun’s 90 degree mark of solar noon will move north and continue doing so until June 21st. On March 20th, it will cross the equator and on June 21st it will mark its furthest north point along the Tropic of Cancer which is 23.44 degrees north of the equator.

These 90 degree marks are only possible on a globe.

These geographical variations in the sun’s angle above the horizon also account for the major geographical variations in earth’s climates. The arctic and antarctic regions are almost always cold—even in the summer when they get 24 hours of sunlight a day—because the sun’s angle above the horizon is never very high. And the tropics are almost always warm—even though they never get much more than 12 hours of sunlight in a day—because the mid-day sun is always so high in the sky.

The intermediate latitudes, which generally have hot summers and cool or cold winters, are called the temperate zones. The north temperate zone lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle, while the south temperate zone (where the seasons are reversed) lies between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle.

Goofy flat earth explanations about the Sun:

The Sun is like a spotlight

Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, First Part of the Second Part, Question 54: The distinction of habits, Article 2, Reply to objection 2. And in First Part, Question 67, Thomas made it clear that he knew the shape of the earth, because he used the word hemisphere, meaning half of a sphere: “Yet as soon as the sun is at the horizon, the whole hemisphere is illuminated from end to end. … Secondly, as to place, for in one hemisphere there was light, in the other darkness. Thirdly, as to time; because there was light for one and darkness for another in the same hemisphere; and this is signified by the words, “He called the light day, and the darkness night.”

Flat-earthers proclaim that the Sun is not millions of miles away, which may be true. They use images like this to supposedly prove it.

Flat earth sun closer to earth

The base of the triangle is only a few miles wide, and the other sides are shorter, so that means that the Sun is only a few miles above the Earth, which in turn seem preposterous.

Flat earth explanations places the sun a few miles above earth

This photo is obviously photoshopped to create a supposed hot spot from the Sun.  If that was true, fires would be started all around the world.

Flat earth Sun hot spot image






















36 thoughts on “The Sun Proves The Flat Earth Deception”

  1. Mr. Kutney,
    I asked a very simple question in my post on Jan. 20. If Earth is flat, why is there no accurate map? Can you give an answer?

    • Imagine If the majority of society was tricked into believing the earth was a glove about 200-300 years ago. So only a few scientist left are smart enough to see through the tricks,would have to get their idea to study this approval by the decievers to decipher the deception? They wouldn’t want their lies exposed. Maybe fire them, they just get passed off as crazy. So those said scientist, now without staff, money, equipment, (machines and chemicals and device, a lot of which are only legal for government workers of different classes), are somehow left to try and prove with science how it’s false? Well, honey, your not going to get some evidence where a guy builds a space ship and travels to the sun or moon. Lol. That’s why we have people giving you the BEST evidence we can. We can only point out to you how ILOGICAL the globe is. Which is how I became a flat earther, I couldn’t find a logical answer from anyone or anything about the in gods name, if we are spinning around while rotations while spinning while spinning and hurlind through the universe, you would NOT see the same stars, moving in the same spot every night of every year for THOUSANDS of years, expect ONE STAR NEVER NEVER MOVES. The stars you see move over a flat earth and haven’t changed in centuries. How do you think that the North Star can stay in one single place and all the others stars stay the same moving around it really. And no, it’s not perception, it’s not your too far away. but hey if you want to ignore anything that you might be wrong about cause of your ego that okay. You’d be wrong but that’s okay.

  2. Mr. Kutney, I stumbled across this website and was intrigued. I posted a very reasonable question. If Earth is flat, where is the map?

  3. David,

    I noticed across your website that you display a continual pattern of either dismissing irregular oddities, like for instance ‘notions of giant trees’ existing in the past; or blatantly obscuring and hiding comments that illuminate more relevant factoids that you can not easily explain away and dismiss.

    For instance, what happen to the video posts I sent you on the subject of the Moon being an actual damaged sun, i.e the “lesser light” and or the comments I made about the origin of the “magnetosphere” being the capstone of the Tree of Life told to us in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4, and the link to “sand “of the desserts being actually the saw dust of the Great Tree’s being cut down?

    If the world really had poles, and globe like end’s, don’t you think observations would be made in the south that the Magnet com-pus would point stronger to the end of the magnet? All needles seem to hone in on the North better, that is because the magnetic field is originating from the Iron cap of the Tree of life, to guide us to the promise Land.

    Look, I realize in some level you really want to be seen by your audience as being the “light bearer” but, in all honesty, you have no business continuing to philosophize this subject, it’s not science to cling to a belief because your scared and embarrassed to admit your mistakes!

    You need to really look for answers, even if it’s not what you want to accept; we all have had to make the paradigm shift, it’s not easy to admit to being wrong in light of all the discoveries being made from researching the field of Flat Earth Reality versus Globe Theory. It make’s us feel finite, small, trapped, even being humbled; it also makes us question our beliefs on salvation, how does Jesus save?

    It is just scary to bring into focus the scriptures we have read and have brushed aside for lack of a better understanding, but, this is medicine for your soul, and you need to open your eyes and look at what your overlooking. This is not really about the audience finding your website anymore, it’s about your discernment and salvation.

    Like I said before, we in the Flat Earth community have gone out on a limb embracing the subject, and believe me, this is very anti-social. I’m not doing this so much to prove a point, it is not about that, it’s about the bigger picture, survival in the End times!

    The Earth is much bigger than what we are being taught, and the lies are built upon centuries of spiritual deceptions engraved into our human culture. The lies of the Globe are going to be used to promote an alien agenda , and to dismiss the bible as being un factual and un relevant.

    Many people today are not sure if there will be a pre-trib, mid-trib or post tribulation rapture event and do not know how to interpret that area of the bible; the biggest issue of the rapture is how are we going to be ready for it when it comes?

    The hold out area on the Earth that the believers must escape to for 3 1/2 years is in the Far North, where paradise exists, where the real promise land is hidden (beyond the ice). If you read Hebrews 11 KJV very closely you will see that Abraham had so much faith he wandered about in the Promise land looking for God’s city, oblivious he was in the Land God had promised him; literally he migrated right out of the promised lands to end up in Egypt and the planes of Sodom and Gomorrah!

    That ice barrier exists because the moon exists, it is a damaged lesser light, i.e. 2nd sun. I gave you a link to a video on that, I hope you saw it! The craters, cast small shadows because the moon goes through a charge up and discharge cycle. When the moon is fully lit, you don’t see the shadows, and the craters are not caused by meteorite impacts, they are electrical discharge marks!

    The meteorite showers, have some predictability to them,but I suspect there is more to what they are, than what I presently know and will reflect on this more.

    If you take the world to be like you say a globe, and you head to the wrong location in the end time (leaving Babylon moments,) you would risk death and never get to where you need to hide out for 3 1/2 years. Basically, you would be liken to one of the foolish virgins, that did not bring enough oil with themselves, to await for the Lord’s return. We have to get to that place, and get the seal of God , and then get commissioned to head out into the world to witness; I may revise this, but that’s a pretty close interpretation as to why knowing the layout of the world is so very important.

    The Exodus of the Church occurs at the 3 1/2 year point, that is the last moment we can wait to leave Babylon. That is when I believe God will send a millstone to hit the Atlantic to destroy the great city of mystery Babylon (NYC). I think that is America, unless there is another unknown Country beyond Antarctica that the world elite are ruling us from, that better fit’s the bible description. There are old maps, showing there are at least 32 other larger land continents unknown to the official world map!

    Also by the way, if we were to include these additional lands, it would be virtually impossible to register a measurement to call a curvature for the Globe earth model. It would add thousands and thousands of extra miles across for calculating a curve. The small Globe earth only obscures all these findings and anomalies and that is why it needs to be rejected.

    The rapture takes place at the end of the 7 years at the last trumpet. You need to dig into a better understanding of the Bible, and learn the fear of the Lord to find the Knowledge of God!

    If your going to remain Hung up on the Flat Earth thing, how will you ever really begin to understand the Bible and what God is telling to the Church today? We need to establish the Law, that is we need to recognize what is sin, and renounce it! The reason why God reflects the stars on the sides of the Earth is so that we can know what time it is, how will we know to observe the sabbath, and the celebrations if we don’t have access to an accurate calendar? The Ancient Hebrew calendar would have the stars showing Wednesday is the Sabbath!

    It is very important to God that we don’t become a castaway and so he wants us to have a clear vision of his planet, and position of his stars. This all fits together, and it’s more than a perspective, it’s that he wants us to draw closer to him, so he made the world in a way that we all can know the times by observing his calendar, you would not see the Heavens with a wide enough angled perspective to get the times view written into the motions of the stars, moon and sun using a finite peak globe position. The stars would not be observed to rotate circular, they would be moving cutting across the field of plain view, not in a time piece manner.

    Anyways, I’m rambling, you need to investigate things much better, and update what your finding, and really revise the subject matter reported, your clinging to a philosophy that contradict’s with the bible, and that’s not Good!

    hope your seeing it

    • Every one of your comments has been approved, so I’m not sure why you can’t find them, unless you aren’t looking on the right page.

      I’m busy, as I manage many websites, and it’s hard to find time to respond to long comments like yours, with so many different points. If you haven’t noticed, I’m very concise in my explanations.

      I don’t feel the need to address every single claim that flat earthers make, such as the giant trees. Giant trees do not prove that the earth is flat, so why talk about it?

      Flat earthers cite the giant tree in Daniel, and it is pointing to King Nebuchadnezzar, not an actual tree.

      Dan 4:20 The tree that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong, whose height reached unto the heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth;
      Dan 4:21 Whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all; under which the beasts of the field dwelt, and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation:
      Dan 4:22 It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth.

      I keep things simple. I focus on providing proof that the earth is not flat.

  4. I am willing to admit I have never been to Antarctica. I am willing to admit that it is always a possibility that any pic or vid can be fake. Let’s assume there is no photographic evidence that Antarctica looks the way it has been represented on our classroom globes. But, what about all the other continents? We absolutely DO know what all the other continents look like, as in, their shapes a/k/a their dimensions; and, not from a globe, but, from long standing on-the-ground measurements. Flat-earthers simply cannot deny the shapes of the continents any more than they can deny the shape of the state they live in or the shape of the property on which their house sits. The continents’ shapes have been accurately measured long before NASA or satellites or views from planes. I don’t see how Flat-earthers can disagree with the fact that we know the dimensions of the continents and we know the distances between them. With those two variables, an accurate map can VERY EASILY be drawn IF EARTH IS FLAT. If the debate on the flat vs. globe earth can begin on this as a mutually agreeable foundation, a solution can be realized with this one basic question…

    If Earth is flat, why is there no accurate map of it all the way down to the ice wall or at least to the tip of S. America?

    If there is no accurate map, then Earth must not be flat. I challenge anyone to display the exact distances between continents on a flat map. It is not possible because Earth is not flat. It simply can’t be both ways. No “science” or “religion” is necessary to understand this.

    And, IMHO, personal attacks are not necessary to debate this question.

  5. I’m looking over your site more, and I see stuff about the Law of Perspective that you don’t understand. A boat on the ocean appears at a distance to curve around the side which would mean, according to the so called measured diameter of the earth measurements, we are supposed to have an 8th inch curvature for every mile square out we go. So let’s go back to our boat experiment, first you will need equipment, high powered telescope camera, digital zoom enabled. But what you will find, as that boat goes over the supposed horizon; visually, there you zoom in on where you last saw the ship by your naked eye an voila! The ship can be seen once again!!!! I have a camera with digital zoom that you can use to do this experiment. .more evidence for Flat Earth!!!

    Also haven’t you heard of Salt Flat’s, Rock Flat’s, Lake Flat’s these are places all across the world that defy the curvature theories of the earth! The Curve would have to be 1/8th an inch of declination for every 1 square mile. Why could scientists not record the curve in any of the famous places that have been documented???

    Next, lets examine the Cornelius effect, Flat Earth believers understand the world has a torus shape to it ( think like Donuts) ; so if you were to say role a quarter down away from the north center, away from you pointing opposite direction you would get storm turns rotating one way, if you rolled a quarter going adjacent side away from you you will see that storms are rotating in comparison and opposite direction. The same occurs to the east and west because the world sides turn up as in a Torus; another proof of Flat Earth and that your not including all knowledge known on this subject!!!! Your Globe model is being debunked even more!!!!!!!!

    Ask your self, are you searching for answers, or are you so prideful and arrogant that you enjoy feeling as a Demagogue to your audiences; Real Scientists examine all evidences and make notes of anomalies that can not be explained in present models of understanding.

    I’m starting to think your a deceiver, a false profit, a blind guide and if with what is currently now been discovered, if your unwilling to revise these pages to reflect newer arguments, then your purposeful evil and leading weak minded believers astray from discovering that the North is where the Promised land exists, hidden beyond the ice and snow where the magnetic mountain exists, which is the cap of the stump of the Tree of Life that was cut down in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision. and that all real believers must escape to in order to survive the end times persecution.

    sir, I hope you repent of your sins and turn back to God. We all struggle with a sin nature and devils that like to weigh us down. Please open your eyes!!!! This is for you, not so much as me, that I tell you this!!!!!

    • I’ve made some valid points, and you can’t even acknowledge any of them. You just seem to want to argue and call me names; which sadly, is typical of flat earthers.

  6. Here’s another issue I have with your earth models, your missing important land areas, like those beyond Antarctica and those in the North. The old world explorers made incredible maps of the world that are not used today making the world seem much smaller than what it actually may be in size. For instance, the land in the North is where the four great rivers originate from. Your missing that vital land from your earth model. Size does matter buddy, your already building a case for what you believe with a limited perspective. This is not helping anyone, and your missing the biggest reason people are switching to the Flat Earth models, they are trying to locate the True Promised land and find additional lands to flee to in order to escape the persecution of the foretold Anti-Christ.

    If the world is believed to be a globe and that there are no places to escape to because of the satellite technologies the governments supposedly has, people are more adept to give up, perhaps loose faith dreading being tortured to death in camps; I just can not stand the brazen contempt you have for those seeking a better understanding of the nature of this planet. Or even biblical prophecies, the way you talk, you should be walking on water by now and raising the dead!

    Your just full of answers, when your not really offering any significant dialogue to the discussions. This website of yours is not really balanced, though to some people you may be regarded as a scholar, to the more informed and enlightened you come across as a blind guide!!!! Tame it down, your like a pesky mosquito, at some point, you might prick the wrong hand; Judgement starts in the House of the Lord, your showing much contempt, not good!

    • Yes size does matter. Geodesic engineers have measured the width of Australia, and it is not as wide as it looks on the north-polar azimuthal projection, which ya’ll call a flat earth map. The azimuthal equidistant projection causes land masses to become increasingly distorted, the further they are away from the central point; in this case, the north pole. This is why Australia looks so wide on the north-polar azimuthal projection. But we know that it is not that wide.

      You can create a south-polar azimuthal projection, which has the continent of Australia close to the center point; and guess what? It looks the correct size. Amazing!

      Every time you post an image of the supposed flat earth map, you are posting an 2D representation of the globe earth.

  7. David,

    I appreciate your website, but you are so quick to dismiss flat earth and leave many important details out, for starters regarding the sun and moon positions and what is observed. The Sun and Moon are inside the firmament on the other side of the glass, their path is also spiral in nature and the light projecting from them is refracting through glass and reflecting with heterodyning effects to the earth bound viewers, just like the bible teaches in the book of Genesis regarding the positions of the 2 light sources.

    Also you keep asking for how the sun and moon self illuminate, scientifically I don’t know the exact mechanism it works but believe that the Aurora projecting from God’s throne is somehow stimulating, charging and sustaining the two lights. Also it is a fact that the eclipses are not caused by the moon, they are the result of something in, on, and attached to the firmament in the path of the Sun and Moon travel.

    I also believe that the rotation of the Heavens and possibly the ocean of water above the firmament that the bible records, may also have something to do with the glow effect of the Moon and Sun, which are known to be “fire crystals” and have been both observed to be seen translucent in degrees at various times.

    What bugs me about your reasoning is that every time you find an anomaly that clashes with your mental perspective sharply, your quick to dismiss it as fake, which makes you for being a very poor scientist. A good scientist expands their investigation to see if their might be more pieces to the puzzle to account for.

    Did you know Thomas Edison could have been the first in our modern times to create radio, but he published a observation of seeing line sparks at a distant and because he commented in the papers it could be a useful phenomenon he was ridiculed and was discouraged from investigating further.

    Your attitude is very proud, snobbish and arrogant, like your doing God some favor ridiculing discrepancies to your limited perspective. Your being a mocker, their is many people working on just getting to the bottom of what is the mechanism at work in the Heavens we see. It’s not productive to be a scoffer sometimes.

    Sometimes Truth is stranger than fiction!

    • I have simply shared what I found to be true, after I researched if the earth is flat or not. I simply what the truth, as I’ve been shown a lot of deceptions over the last five years, so I know that the enemy deceives us about many things.

      I provide logical, provable explanations, which point out the flaws in the flat earth model. It is what I believe. Like I’ve said before, it’s fine for you to disagree; but why must you always attack my character?

  8. Hi

    I only started looking into flat earth this last year so its still new to me, I’m no scientist but can understand enough, been a globe believer my whole life of course but do see compelling evidence which has made me question things I took for granted, though I still need many answered before concluding on one way or the other. The geocentric model also does seem to provide a possible alternative of both as well but as yet have not looked into this and this is an assumption. I do believe there is an agenda on both sides,so I come with respect and the desire to converse on the matter without name calling and threats. Isn’t it awful how people speak to each other knowing they are safe from retaliation? I’m sure most wouldn’t dare face to face! Anyway, I’ll get to my queries.

    I have seen other versions from FE people (NOT the FE society of whom I steer clear)of the sun’s path over the currently presented flat earth map. It seems to be quite complex and moves more from one side to the other over the course of a year, rather than staying circling in the center as you have presented. The moon also did something similar but at a slower rate to explain the lunar cycles. It also suggested the moon was slightly lower than the sun to explain solar eclipses. The paths they create are like those Spiro graphs that kids use to make patterns. This also explained the seasons as well as time zones and daylight savings time. It also explained why countries near the equator experience the sun setting around the same time throughout the year, like in Oman, in comparison to countries nearer the poles, as well as the 24hour sun in the poles. To be honest it made perfect sense, as much as a globe explanation, so I was wondering if you had seen this or had thoughts on these points? If so was there a reason you choose the example above instead? If there is validity to this it could perhaps shed light on points you’ve raised above about how different places can possibly see, or not see , the same things at the same time like constellations etc. Or even the latest eclipse?

    You said as well that the Bible says the sun rises and sets, could this not just be written from the perspective of how it looks?

    I might post on your other articles as each raised further questions but it’s made interesting reading for sure.
    Thanks in advance if you have time to reply.

    • I’ve lost facebook friendship with people after I researched the flat earth and created this website to document what I’ve found. Sad story!

      Yeah, people say things online that they would never say to my face.

      Most flat earthers show the sun moving in a circle that is centered on the North Pole, which moves up to the Tropic of Cancer and down to the Tropic of Capricorn. They have no good scientific explanation for how that happens though.

      And they have no explanation for how the full moon appears closer and brighter some months, during a super moon.

      Most flat earthers proclaim that the moon illuminates itself, but offer no explanation for how it does that, and how it creates the phases.

      They can’t explain how the sun rises due East, at 90 degree, and sets due West, at 270 degrees; in North American and South American cities, on the spring and fall equinoxes. That simply is not possible on the flat earth, as the sun would be circling over the equator; so it can’t rise at 90 degrees and set at 270 degrees, in all of those places.

      They can’t explain how the straight path of the solar eclipse was created by a sun that is moving in a circle above the earth.

      Yes, people in Scripture may have simply been saying that the sun is rising and setting, based on their perspective. The context of the verses is not about the design of the universe. Or the globe earth is geocentric and the center of the universe.

      Hopefully that helps answer your questions 🙂

  9. One other thing the flat earthers cannot explain is the spherical sun shining in all directions as clearly observed when sunspots transit suface.


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