SciManDan Flat Earth Prince Eric Dubay Has a Message For us All!

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

SciManDan posted a video called “Flat Earth Prince Has a Message For us All!” where he exposes the false teachings of Eric Dubay.

He comments that “publishing a book doesn’t mean that you know anything about earth science. This guy did it, need I say more;” referring to Nathan Roberts The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth flat earth book.

ScimanDan points to Nathan Roberts and says publishing a book doesn't mean that you know anything about earth science

Sadly for Nathan, he’s been duped into believing that the earth is flat, instead of understanding that the Bible describes a geocentric globe earth, and that’s the truth that NASA and others are hiding from people, in order to promote their evolution doctrine.

In his 240+ Bible verse list that supposed says flat earth, Nathan cites five different verses which are about John the Baptist “making straight the way for Messiah,” and he says that they are flat earth proofs because “all paths are straight.”

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