NASA Flat Non Rotating Earth Document

This Flat Earth Deception post is about the NASA flat non rotating earth document.

Flat earthers understand that the government creates many conspiracies to deceive people, but somehow they believe documents like this from NASA which are about a flat non rotating Earth.

NASA document on flat, non rotating earth

How is it that these conspiracy minded people don’t understand a government PSYOP can be used to create the appearance of a deception, in order to deceive and discredit people?

NASA has purposely created deceptions, whether it’s the lunar landings, the CGI photos, etc., so that flat earther don’t trust them.

Then they create documents like this one, to make it seem like proof that the Earth is flat, and flat earthers think that this product of NASA is legitimate.

But that is hypocritical, as they proclaim that we should not trust NASA about anything.

All NASA had to do was create a technical document with the key words of ‘flat non rotating earth’, to get people to think that it is proof of a flat earth.

NASA also wrote a document about ‘Designing for human presence in space: An introduction to environmental control and life support systems’; but flat earthers quickly dismiss that kind of document, along with almost every other document about space from NASA.

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