Logan Paul Punks Flat Earthers At The FE2018 Conference

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Logan Paul, an American actor and internet celebrity, was the special guest at the E2018 Flat Earth conference in Denver, Colorado.

On stage he proclaimed that he “may be coming out of the flat earth closet.”

Ironically, he was in movie The Space Between Us, a 2017 American romantic science fiction film directed by Peter Chelsom and written by Allan Loeb, from a story by Stewart Schill, Richard Barton Lewis and Loeb. The film stars Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, and Carla Gugino, and follows a teenage boy, born on Mars, who travels to Earth.

Watch this interview of Logan Paul at FE2018 and you know that’s he’s not serious about believing that the earth is flat. 

From the YouTube video description: Flat Earth Just got Punked by Logan Paul. In this leaked video, Logan Paul is seen outside the conference venue with a reporter. They are obviously trolling her with their ridiculous answers to her serious questions. Just WEEKS ago, Logan Paul made a comment to an acquaintance from YouTube channel, ‘YES THEORY”, that he is about to film his best work yet and that the prank was going to go viral. Well I gues THIS is it! Logan Paul is NOT a Flat Earther, but was filming footage for a future documentary where the Flat Earth is mad fun of.

It’s a sad statement about the people in charge of FE2018, to be so desperate for acknowledgment of their flat earth theory, that they promote this guy!

Even sadder is that the flat earth theory is masking over the truth, that the globe earth is geocentric, at the center of the universe, and not spinning or moving; which proves that there’s a Creator.

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