Flat Earthers Lake Pontchartrain Explanation Proves That The Earth Is Curved

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Someone named ‘Borg’ commented on the Flat Earth Deceptions website with:

Lake Pontchartrain powerlines have been proven to not be placed on the ground in a straight line .

That combined with the perspective vanishing point and fake horizon created by your point of view lead to an optical illusion . You can try it yourself on a flat table by placing objects of the same height in a slightly curved line , then look at them close to the table . You’ll observe them “curving” around the flat table .

There’s also a bridge on the same lake with almost the same length as the power lines … it’s built in a straight line … and guess what … You cannot see it curving in the distance.

Nice psyops website buddy.

Here is my response

I agree! The Lake Pontchartrain powerlines are NOT placed on the ground in a straight line. That’s the point! It the earth were flat, they would be in a straight line. But they’re not.

They are designed to be the same height above the water, which we can clearly see is true; yet they do not disappear in a straight line at the vanishing point; but they curve over the horizon, which proves that the water is curving too.

You’re the psyop person Borg!

Here’s a video that shows that the towers are curving over the horizon, thus proving that the Earth is curved!

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Lake Pontchartrain electrical towers prove that water curves over the globe earth


3 thoughts on “Flat Earthers Lake Pontchartrain Explanation Proves That The Earth Is Curved”

  1. Hey Geoffery, you and other idiots claimed the video was faked, except he LIVE STREAMED the recording, AND the drive to a wi-fi restaurant, AND the uploading of the new video- all in one shot.

    Good god man, just accept that you are a gullible fool and get on with your life.

  2. Pretty easy to see that video has been manipulated…both video AND audio. The only question is whether the believers of this video are just ignorant or deceptive

    • Well Geoffrey, you have to proclaim that it’s manipulated, because otherwise it blows up your flat earth theory. It’s a simple video that zooms in and out, showing the curve of the towers. How exactly is that manipulated?

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