Flat Earthers In Christ Facebook Meme About Australia

This Flat Earth Deception post features a Facebook post about Australia being upside down on the globe earth.

On the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, someone posted this meme, which shows Australia upside down, as they mock the concept of the globe Earth.

Sadly, because they are wrong about the Earth being flat, they are ultimately mocking their Creator.

Meanwhile in Australia flat earth meme

It’s not like there is an ‘up’ in space, so that Australia would be facing down.

The irony of course is that the supposed flat earth map is really a north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe earth.

And because there is great distortion of the Southern Hemisphere, the continent of Australia is twice as wide as it should be.  But flat earthers just ignore that little detail!

Before computers, mapping out airplane flight routes was a challenge, as they had to use a globe, or images of the northern and southern hemispheres, like these.

Azimuthal equidistant map globes

To resolve this problem they created the azimuthal equidistant map, which allowed them to see all of the continents on one 2D map.

In order to do this, the bottom half of the globe earth had to be flared out into the outer circles. On the north-polar azimuthal projection map the northern hemisphere is shown in the inner circle, and the southern hemisphere is shown in the flared out circle that surrounds it.

The north-polar equidistant projectionmap is not a flat earth map!

Rendering a globe earth onto a 2D image always cause some distortion.

On the azimuthal projection map, the further away the land mass is from the center point, the greater the distortion.  This is why Australia looks so wide, as it’s been stretched.

It’s amazing to me that flat earthers can see this map all of the time, and not realize why Australia appears so wide.  It’s because their supposed flat earth map is really a globe map.

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  1. If you can see a ship go over the curvature after approximately three miles, should you not witness the same from left to right and vice versa? A ball is equally round in all directions, yes? Yet, I see a ship “disappear” 3-5 miles out in front of me, but can watch it for at least 10 miles going from left to right, or right to left. Doesn’t make sense…unless you consider the fact that it’s flat.

    • One of the most common problems that I see flat earthers make, is that they do not understand how to use the curvature formula properly. Which is why I provided an explanation on the home page. http://flatearthdeception.com

      The drop height does not happen before your horizon line, it happens beyond that mark; at the point where the horizontal line (made by looking straight out) intersects the radius line (which points up from the center of the globe earth.

      You’re confusing the drop height and the hidden height, they are not the same thing.

      Using the curvature formula, if you’re standing on the shore, your horizon is at 3 miles.

      With the ship out 3 miles, nothing would be hidden.

      The ship drops down after horizon line.

      With the ship out 5 miles, 2.67 feet would be hidden (meaning 2.67 feet of the lower part of the ship would be hidden, which validates that the earth is curved. On a flat earth, the ship should just grow smaller and smaller, and then disappear at the vanishing point).

      With the ship out 10 miles, 32.68 feet would be hidden.

      Using the 10 mile example, there would be a total drop of 66.68 feet at the point where the horizontal line intersects the radius line. Reference the explanation on the home to see what I’m referring to.

      32.68 feet would be hidden at the 10 mile mark, but the other 34 foot drop happens beyond the 10 miles.

      The human eye cannot look left to right for a 10 mile span, and detect a 66.68 foot drop over that span. The midpoint would be the high point, so it would drop only 33.34 feet on each side. A transit would be measure the drop, but your eyes cannot do that.

      Look at the photos page to see photos from airplanes that were submitted by flat earthers, proclaiming that the horizon is flat; but when you put a straight line by it, it shows that it is curved. http://flatearthdeception.com/photos-prove-the-flat-earth-deception/

    • Wow, this whole conversation is back-firing! I better delete this website right away, or more people will look into the flat earth! 😛

  2. Funny how you use the expression “Mocking their creator.” I remember doing my Masters and my Old Testimeny professor showed a model of the cosmos as the Bible describes it. It was not the azimuthal equidistant, but it was a model of the earth covered by a dome. Then he explained how the ancients understood the cosmos and when we read the scripture properly we have to understand the audience a particular passage was presented to and their cultural understanding of things. The writers of the scripture believed the earth was flat.

    When you see a light house from 40 miles away, a city over a lake that is 50miles wide or a mountain over a vast amount of water of 160 miles on a clear day you have to be amazed at our creator. When you do the curvature math and realize that you shouldn’t see these things you have to be suspicious of those in authority teaching it.

    We don’t know the map. Many of us use the azimuthal equidistant because it’s all we got and not because of its acurrancy.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective. The challenge is that most flat-earthers are not admitting that they don’t have a map, or that the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection is really a globe map. They are proclaiming that it is a flat earth map.

      • Hi David
        I’m not convince that the azimuthal equidistant projection is a globe either. It would be a globe only to the point part of the globe it is viewing, but when it is done with the north pole being the centre and then showing the ice wall around the out side it is not a globe. If it was showing to the equator, it would be more of a representation of the globe. There is still a map in existence that is very similar to first one I mentioned that is 1000 years old and it includes continents beyond the ring we see on the former. In addition, the projection that includes the ice wall appears various ways in society like the UN flag. I think there is a lot more to this.

        • The home page of this website explains how the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection is made, why continents in the southern hemisphere are distorted, and why Antarctica is rendered as an ice wall. It shows how the continent of Antarctica matches up with the ice wall. And it shows examples of the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projections which declare that they represent the globe Earth. http://flatearthdeception.com

          • It may represent the globe earth and people may use it to represent a globe, but it is not a globe as you and the website state. Just like flat earters use it to represent and explain flat earth but it is not flat earth. They use it only because we don’t have a map and it is a fairly good representation of flat earth. People are presently working on making a more accurate map of the flat earth though.

          • Of course it’s not a globe. I said that they created the azimuthal equidistant map to allow them to see all of the continents on one 2D map, to map out flight plans. You can center them on any point of the globe earth, such as the South Pole and Santiago, Chile; as I showed on the home page. And every time it distorts the continents that are flared out into the outer circle. http://flatearthdeception.com

            The problem is that most flat earthers declare that it is the true flat earth map. They point to the U.N. logo and say that is the flat earth map.

            People can’t make an accurate map without traveling all around the world and taking geodesic measurements of the Earth, using triangulation. http://flatearthdeception.com/geodesy-proof-of-the-flat-earth-deception/

          • That’s where we run into a problem. In order to make an “accurate map” you need to have lots of money and cooperation with governments. Looking at history it’s pretty clear that governments don’t trust each other and then they expect their citizens to trust them. That’s why one country says one thing and another country accuses them of lying and says something else. Then you have secret societies manipulating things as well. Some how we believe our own political entity even though they are proven liars when looking at the history.

          • People have already traveled the earth and taken the geodesic measurements. And they have found that the angles of the measured triangles exceed 180 degrees, proving that the Earth is curved. This is called ‘spherical excess’.

            Yeah, it’s impossible to render accurately a globe onto a 2D surface. That is why on the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection, the continent of Australia looks 50% wider than the United States; but we know from measurements that it is slightly narrower.

            This book addresses the topic of projecting the globe map onto a 2D image.

            Flattening the Earth: Two Thousand Years of Map Projections by John P. Snyder. https://www.amazon.com/Flattening-Earth-Thousand-Years-Projections/dp/0226767477

            As long as there have been maps, cartographers have grappled with the impossibility of portraying the globe earth in two dimensions.

            To solve this problem mapmakers have created hundreds of map projections, mathematical methods for drawing the round earth on a flat surface.

            Yet of the hundreds of existing projections, and the infinite number that are theoretically possible, none is perfectly accurate.

          • Then the circle returns to what is observable and what I said at first.

            “When you see a light house from 40 miles away, a city over a lake that is 50miles wide or a mountain over a vast amount of water of 160 miles on a clear day you have to be amazed at our creator. When you do the curvature math and realize that you shouldn’t see these things you have to be suspicious of those in authority teaching it.”

          • When you do the curvature math, you see that the horizon appears at the distance that the curvature formula calculates.

            For a plane flying at 45,000 feet, the horizon appears at 260 miles, and the pictures on this page show that is the case. http://flatearthdeception.com/photos-prove-the-flat-earth-deception/

            You can plug in your viewer height on this website, and it will show you where the horizon will appear, according to the globe earth geometry. And when you look out, that is the distance that you see; which proves that the earth is curved. https://www.metabunk.org/curve/

            On a flat earth, we should be able to see much further from 45,000 feet (8.5 miles) up.

          • The strength of the flat earth theory is that the statement you said, “When you do the curvature math, you see that the horizon appears at the distance that the curvature formula calculates.” is wrong.

            We watch ships go over the horizon only to put our telescopes to our eyes to see the ship again until it finally becomes unseen because the gasses contained in our environment prevent us from seeing it.

            Flat earth theory may not be able to explain everything, but one thing they have proven with the scientific method of being observable, testable, repeatable and verifiable is that the earth is not a globe.

            If you can’t test it and you have to rely on elites that have a history of lying to their people to control them, then the information is unreliable.

          • I said that the horizon appears where the curvature formula says that it would. I do not say that you would see how much of the drop is hidden by the curve of the earth, as that is beyond the horizon line.

            Flat earthers mistakenly thing that the drop is supposed to happen before their horizon line, but that is a total misunderstanding of the curvature formula, which is explained on the home page. http://flatearthdeception.com

            I’ve seen flat earthers videos about ships supposedly disappearing, and then they zoom in to make it reappear. What they do is show a ship that is a few miles out, and then zoom in; many of them from an elevated position, to be able to see further. Try standing on the shore and doing that with a ship that is further away that is 10 miles out.

            Besides that, they ignore that the bottom of the boat disappears first. If the earth were flat, the ship would just keep getting smaller, and then disappear at the vanishing point; but always appearing above the horizon line.

            Nothing on this website is from NASA or the elites, so that argument falls flat. Pun intended! 🙂

          • Right!

            I explained the evidence of lack of curvature. Not much else I can do.

            Cognitive Dissonance

  3. Hello there, i figured i’d let you know that your a blind dumb moron who believes everything we say, sincerely NASA.

    • Hello George Hotz… I mean NASA, thank you for your comment! You might want to take grammar lessons, because you should have used “you’re” not “your”.

      And you might want to take reading lessons too, as the third paragraph of the home page says “I know that NASA misleads people about their missions and uses CGI images, but that in itself doesn’t prove the flat earth. The enemy is quite devious, and may use those things on purpose to reinforce their deception.”

      BTW, my name is David, not ‘there’. 😛

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