Flat Earthers In Christ Discuss The Edge Of The Flat Earth

This Flat Earth Deception post features a discussion in the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, about the supposed edge of the flat earth.

Chris Mauck‎ created a post in the Flat Earthers in Christ which says, ‘Obviously the earth is flat. But I know doubters who ask me what happens if you get to edge of earth and I don’t know how to answer. Any explanations?’

Here are the answers that were given to him:

Allison Douglass – Tell them to ask their government’s?

Chris Mauck Pft. – Like the Government will tell us the truth.

Jamie Dale – You can’t get to the edge. The governments of the world have it protected

Teresa Lacey – There are ice cliffs…you can YouTube it. People are restricted from going there due to the Antarctic Treaty which weirdly is the only treaty that has ever been honored by all nations. Has to make you wonder why….

Joe Karr – Anybody see the video of the guy recording the ice wall? It was posted yesterday. He video recorded flying perpindicular with the wall for quite a while. It is the best evidence we got when a glober says “show me proof of the ice wall”… I saved the video.
Honestly, miles and miles of video of the ice wall. It was spectacular.

Jerry Michael Siano – You can’t get to the edge, the Antarctic treaty forbids it.

James T. Merciers – You can’t walk off the edge we are covered by the dome/FIRMAMENT. I believe we UNDER the GREAT DEEP. ” the waters above the heavens” under an ocean. If you never read the 1st book of Enoch. Just Google it tons of free pdf’s awesome read explains a lot. God bless

Cheryl May – It’s an ice barrier around the circle of the earth. Antarctica. And also there’s the dome.

Shane Gregory Goskeson – The honest answer is, we really don’t know if there’s an edge, or how far the ice goes. You can try and explore it on your own, but you’ll get turned away at gun point.

Stephanie Culler Cook – Imagine being inside a snow globe and getting to the “edge.” Its kind of like that.

Nikki Gillette – They won’t allow you to. It’s called the Antarctic treaty and currently all countries are in agreement with its secrecy. Funny how we have enemies of war but when it comes to Antarctica and the wall… peace.  Look it up.

Pauline Causton – There probably is no edge. The earth is flat but in a circle like a dinner plate with ice surrounding it keeping the seas in and a dome on top to keep us safe. Nobody can get in or out of earth except God and His angels.

Anna Issaka – No one’s ever been there.. as far as we know there’s just an ice wall forever.. in the Bible God said in a verse .. you can go this far and no further” or something like that

Bill Eichert – I just read a post on here yesterday that said God doesn’t let us go to the edges. I don’t know the Bible quote, though. Something about Man not able to measure the entire Earth. Also, the Military doesn’t let us.

Jessica Bayya – It will be cold..at least the edge WE can get to..

Corey Smitty – It’s a common FE belief that, the further you go into Antarctica, the colder it gets.

Kim Booth – What happens when you try to stand on the side of a ball? you fall off…lol… Thank God he put a wall of ice around the edge to keep everything inside. Whew!

S Marie Gibson – Research “firmament”. That should send you on a journey of confirmation that the edge most believe when referring to a flat earth, is not a drop off.

The truth is that 95% of the continent of Antarctica is covered by ice, and in the bays there are huge ice shelfs which meet the sea.

This is where the pictures of the supposed flat earth ice ring are taken.

The flat earth Antarctica ice ring is really the Ross Ice Shelf

The idea that the 65,000 mile perimeter around the supposed flat earth ice wall, is protected 24×7, is ridiculous!

The idea that the 65,000 mile perimeter around the supposed flat earth ice wall, is protected 24x7, is ridiculous!

The sad irony of this discussion is that the supposed ice ring around the supposed flat earth, is really the continent of Antartica, which is rendered as a ring on the north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection, of the globe earth.

North Poles Equidistant map project is not a flat earth map

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