Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Is Straight Outta PhotoShop

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted these images on his Flat Earth Doctrine Facebook page for a new flat earth flyer.

This image features a photo of the earth, which Nathan says is Straight Outta PhotoShop.

Nathan Roberts Globe CGI Straight Outta Photoshop

The following image is pure CGI, but we’re supposed to believe that it’s the real earth.

Nathan Roberts Flat Earth CGI Straight Outta Photoshop

It’s so ironic because flat-earthers don’t have any pictures of the supposed glass dome or the end of the flat earth; and there’s many thousands of pictures of the globe earth from the International Space Station, from the space agencies of other countries and from weather satellites.

Flat-earthers proclaim that weather satellite images are really taken from balloons, yet they have no pictures of said balloons. We can use apps like Satellites to know where the different satellites are in the sky, and go outside to see them move in the sky.

And the supposed Biblical flat earth is based on the false foundation of verses which have been taken out of context. The foundations of the flat earth are set up water. Try that in real life and see how it works.

The supposed gigantic glass dome has windows, and it’s holding back the waters above the firmament. Seriously?

Read the study and see for yourself. Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of flatearthdoctrine.com DEBUNKED!