Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Cites Geno Smith As Flat Earther

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Nathan Roberts made a post in the Official Flat Earth & Globe Earth Biblical Discussion Facebook group, that NFL quarterback Geno Smith seems to also be proclaiming that the earth is flat, joining NBA player Kyrie Irving.

Here is Geno’s Twitter post that started the conversation:

Here is Geno Smith's Twitter post that started the conversation about the flat eart

Here’s some of Geno’s Twitter comments:

I’m not debating on this topic I just want to see the responses.. I think it’s a good conversation.

I’m With you this these are the questions I’ve asked and to my surprise their are answers not saying it’s true but…

Geno Smith does not seem totally committed to the flat earth, as Nathan Roberts implies; but it really doesn’t matter what Geno thinks, because simple, observable proofs show that the earth is not flat.

It may be geocentric, but it’s not flat.

He is just giving the media another opportunity to demonize anyone who proclaims that the earth is geocentric.

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