Flat Earth Prof Joseph Holden’s Grave #FlatEarth Video

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This video was posted by a flat-earther, titled ‘Flat Earth Prof Joseph Holden’s grave #FlatEarth’

Joseph Holden (1815-1900) was a prominent American Flat Earth lecturer in the late 19th Century.

The son of a sawmill owner in Otisfield, Ohio, Holden was a former justice of the peace, trial justice, candidate for state senator and census enumerator before beginning to lecture at the age of 75.

Much like Lady Blount, Holden used a non-confrontational approach in his lectures and was well-liked by both believers and non-believers who attended his lectures. Holden appealed to common-sense evidence to argue his position.

One of his more famous experiments was to set a pail of water atop a pole overnight and check it in the morning. His assertion was that a revolving Earth would have moved the pail. As expected, the pail was in its original place the next morning.

How on earth (pun intended) would the pail move if the earth is revolving? That doesn’t seem like good common sense to me.

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