The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth Book

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Not in my wildest imagination did I think that my first book would be about the flat earth. During the last year, I’ve been writing a book about prophecy fulfillment called Revelation Timeline Decoded, but circumstances pushed this book to the forefront.

When I began this project, I had no idea that writing a book about the Bible verses that flat-earthers cite, would bless me so much. It’s been an amazing time of reading Scripture to see the proper context, for in it our Heavenly Father is glorified!

The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth Book

Here’s a link to the Amazon The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book page.

If you’re a flat earther who promotes the 240 Bible verses which are being cited to proclaim that “the Bible says flat earth,” have you read the context of all of the verses? Did you know that five of them are about John the Baptist “preparing the way for Messiah and making His path straight,” which have nothing to do with the shape of the earth.

This book goes through all 240 verses that people like Nathan Roberts cite, to show you the proper context;  because if you’re promoting this list, then you’re accountable for the explanations.

If you know someone who believes that the Bible describes a flat earth with a dome over it, this book will help you understand their rationale in citing these verses.

If you’re a believer who’s researching the flat earth, this book is critical for you.

If you believe in the heliocentric universe that’s promoted by today’s scientists; have you read what Moses, Job, David, and Isaiah, declared about the earth, the sun and the stars?

None of my pastors ever taught me what Scripture says about this topic, and it may surprise you.

This book gives the context of the verses which flat-earthers cite so that you can decide if Scripture describes a flat earth, a heliocentric globe earth universe or a geocentric  globe earth universe.

It is intellectually dishonest for people to not include the Tychonic geocentric globe earth model as an option in this discussion. Has the enemy created a false dichotomy, by making the debate only between the flat earth and the heliocentric globe earth?

Satan is using the deception about the design of the universe and earth, to attack the authority of Scripture, to discount the Genesis creation narrative, and to promote the lie of evolution.

This book is about much more than the flat earth debate.

It’s a Bible study which will open up your eyes and show you how the stars, which our Heavenly Father calls by name, are declaring the redemption plan of the set-apart saints.

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Here’s a link to the Amazon The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book page to order your copy.

7 thoughts on “The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth Book”

    • Jim, I have no reason or desire to debate about this topic. I provide plenty of evidence on the home page of this website, along with the other pages, which prove that we live on a globe earth. That said, I believe that the universe is geocentric, as Tyche Brahe showed, and that heliocentrism is a lie to promote evolution.

      • Why not disprove the lie, pick up your Nobel prize and become the most famous person in the history of mankind for debunking the most robust and unifying scientific theory ever hypothesised and replacing it with a geocentric model to boot and at the same time demonstrating how that could possibly be the case? The world is your oyster, yet here you are producing books that on the face of it appear only to appeal to teenagers looking for an answer to the human condition. It’s like a collection of badly designed memes and Facebook posts.

        • Thanks for the laugh Ken! Which model do you deem as the most robust and unifying scientific theory ever hypothesized? The heliocentric model or the flat earth model?

    • Thank you for your comment Andy! I clicked on your Facebook link and appreciate you standing for Biblical truth!

      If people want to believe that the earth is flat, it’s just another deception in this world. But when believers proclaim that the Bible describes a flat earth, then I was called to write the book, to show the context of the verses which they cite.

      Keep pressing on for the glory of our King!


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