Andromedids meteor shower on the flat earth?

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A 2018 Outburst From the December Andromedids?

A relatively obscure meteor shower may put on a surprise performance in early December 2018. Chances are, you’ve never heard of the Andromedids, though it’s worth keeping an eye out for these swift-moving meteors over the next week.

Andromedids meteor shower on the flat earth?

The shower was actually the source of some of the great meteor storm outbursts of the late 19th century, with zenithal hourly rates topping 15,000 (!) in 1885 and 6,000 in 1892. The source of the shower is thought to be the defunct Comet 3D/Biela, and you sometimes see the Andromedids listed as the ‘Bielids’ in older astronomical texts. In 2018, the radiant of the shower has actually drifted to a Right Ascension of 1 hour, 36 minutes and a Declination of +50 degrees north, near the +4th magnitude star Nembus (51 Andromedae) on the Andromeda/Cassiopeia border. In fact, the International Astronomical Union actually now lists the shower as the ‘December Phi Cassiopeiids‘ in its catalog of 112 known and established major and minor meteor streams.

Flat earthers have no scientific explanation for predicting meteor showers or for how they are created.

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