The Moon Proves The Flat Earth Deception

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

This page shows proves that the moon proves the globe earth, not the flat earth.

Flat earthers push aside proofs that the flat earth model doesn’t work, by claiming that the moon illuminates itself.

UPDATE: During the past few weeks ago after the new moon, I observed the moon every night to see where it was at in the sky in relationship to the setting sun.  The first day the crescent moon was seen in the West, near the sun at sunset.  And every evening since then, then moon was located about 12 degrees East of where it was the previous night.

On the 7th day it was a 1/2 moon that was located directly above, at 90 degrees to the Earth.  And then on the 14th day after the new moon, it was a full moon rising in the east, 180 degrees across of the setting sun.

The relationship is obvious!  As the moons orbit causes it to move further East away from the Sun, we see more of the side of the moon that is illuminated; creating the transition from crescent moon to full moon.  This is an absolute proof that the Sun illuminates the moon!

Lunar eclipses prove that the Earth is not flat!

Lunar eclipses prove that the Earth is not flat!

It’s impossible for people on the flat earth model to see the same side of the moon.

People in northern and southern hemispheres would see different sides of the flat earth moon


Flat earthers proclaim that the moon is self-illuminated.

They have to say this, because their flat earth theory is exposed as false, if the sun does illuminate the moon.

Moon closeup photo proves that the sun illuminates the ball-shaped moon

They have to excuse a myriad of things, to make their flat earth theory seem to work.

But we can see the truth with our own eyes!

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Flat earthers cite Genesis 1:15-18, to proclaim that Scripture says that the moon is a light, just like the son.

But Scripture does not say that! The Hebrew word for ‘light’ simply points to a luminous body. It does not say that it provides its own illumination.

The Hebrew word for light is ma’owr from 215; properly, a luminous body or luminary, i.e. (abstractly) light (as an element): figuratively, brightness, i.e.cheerfulness; specifically, a chandelier:—bright, light.

215 ‘owr = a primitive root; to be (causative, make) luminous (literally and metaphorically):—X break of day, glorious, kindle, (be, en-, give, show) light (-en, -ened), set on fire, shine.

Websters 1818 Dictionary, which is based on the King James Bible, defines luminary as:

1. Any body that gives light, but chiefly one of the celestial orbs. The sun is the principal luminary in our system. the stars are inferior luminaries.

If the stars, which don’t produce their own light, are luminaries; then the moon can be too.

So Genesis 1:15-18 proves nothing, and the physical evidence makes it obvious that the sun does illuminate the moon.

Hal Hilton provided this proof about the full moon appearing upside down to people in South America, which is not possible on the flat earth.

When standing and viewing the full moon from Alberta Canada, the well defined and unique *face* of the moon itself is easily seen and configured.

If the earth is a globe, one would expect to see the same full moon with the same EXACT unique features…however, it would be viewed, when standing upright in Santiago Chile with those same features upside down.

And that is PRECISELY what is easily observed! Here are two, fully verified, full moon photographs from two separate locations. One from Alberta Canada with the Alberta Legislature Building as a reference source, which is 53 degrees North of the Equator.

Alberta full moon proves globe earth, not flat earth

And one from Santiago Chile with the fully unique Virgin of the Assumption statue located at the Cathedral Church of the Virgin of the Assumption which is 33 degrees South of the Equator.

Santiago, Chile full moon proves globe earth, not flat earth

If the FE model, as promoted with a moon rotation motion over the equator of the FE, the person seeing the moon from Alberta Canada would see one side of the moon…and another person seeing that same moon from Santiago Chile would see the BACK SIDE of the moon…not the 180 degree view of the same side of the moon as seen from Canada.

The flat earth model cannot illuminate the night moon, while not illuminating the sky.


The flat earth sun and moon are said to be 3,000 miles above the earth, so the suns rays would strike the moon on a horizontal plane.

This is no way for the sun’s rays to illuminate the moon, while not illuminating the sky around it.

90 minutes after the full moon rises on the eastern horizon, the whole sky is dark, because the sun is more than 18 degrees around the globe earth.

The sun’s rays no longer strike any part of the overhead sky, but its rays continue to strike the moon, as they both continue around their circuit.

The flat earth model sun cannot illuminate the bottom side of the crescent moon.

The flat earth model sun cannot illuminate the bottom side of the crescent moon.

A total lunar eclipse is not possible on the flat earth model.

During a total solar eclipse there is no way on the flat earth model that a circular shadow can be cast on the moon. There is nothing in between sun and moon on the flat earth model to create a solar eclipse.

The path of the Sun and Moon prove that the flat earth theory is invalid.

The full moon does not work on the flat earth model.

It’s not just the full moon that doesn’t work, but that’s the clearest example.

On the evening that the full moon is rising on the east horizon, the sun is setting on the west horizon.  Throughout the night the sun and moon will continue moving west, and the sun (which is ahead of the moon) will illuminate the side of the moon that is facing it.

The problem on the flat earth model is that from our perspective as the moon transits the sky, the side of the moon that is fully illuminated by the sun moves away from us.

There is no way to see a full moon all evening on the flat earth model, because when the moon sets in the west, the sun is ahead of it illuminating the side that is hidden from us

The path of the Sun and Moon prove that the flat earth theory is invalid

This is really simple to understand. We’ll use a full moon over the continent of Australia as an example.

On October 16, 2016 the full moon rose at 7:13 pm, and it set at 6:57 am on October 17.  So the moon would be visible over Australia during that time, as it tracks across the sky.

Keep in mind how the moon supposedly travels around the flat earth, in a large circle overhead.

The moon proves the flat earth model does not work

First of all, the only way to see the fully illuminated moon rise East of Australia is to have the Sun directly opposite of it in the West.  It can’t be across the Earth or at any other angle, as that would not let Australians see the fully illuminated side.

Flat earth sun cannot create a full moon

3 hours after moonrise, it should still be on the East side of the sky, but on the flat earth model it would already be on the West side of Australia.

, so 3 hours after it rose on the east side, it would already be on the west side of Australia 10am

6 hours after it rose, it should be directly overhead, but instead on the flat earth map, it’s 1/4 of the way around the earth, and not visible from Australia.

Even if it was visible, since the Sun is ahead of it, then the fully illuminated side of the moon would no longer be facing Australia.

Full moon doesn't work on the flat earth model

9 hours after it rose in the East it should be in the Western part of the Australian sky; but on the flat earth it is approaching Africa, where Australians cannot see it.

, so 3 hours after it rose on the east side, it would already be on the west side of Australia 4pm

12 hours after it rose in the East it should be setting in the West; but on the flat earth it is on the opposite side of the earth, where Australians cannot see it.

, so 3 hours after it rose on the east side, it would already be on the west side of Australia 7pm

So the concept of the flat earth moon rotating above in a circle seems neat, but simple logic shows that it does not work in the real world.

Some flat-earthers proclaim that the moon is self-illuminated, but they cannot explain how it illuminates the different phases, such as the crescent moon.

This video explains the simplicity of the sun-moon-earth relationship, which gives us the different phases of the moon.

Some flat-earthers proclaim that the moon is not real, but the Scriptures disagree.

He made the moon for appointed times; The sun knows its going down. Psalm 104:19


One of the oldest proofs of the Earth’s shape, however, can be seen from the ground and occurs during every lunar eclipse. The geometry of a lunar eclipse has been known since ancient Greece.

When a full Moon occurs in the plane of Earth’s orbit, the Moon slowly moves through Earth’s shadow. Every time that shadow is seen, its edge is round. Once again, the only solid that always projects a round shadow is a sphere.

Astrophotographer Jerry Lodriguss captures the phases of a total lunar eclipse are seen here in a composite image. full

The appearance of the crescent moon and the celestial bodies in the skies, is opposite for people in the northern and southern hemispheres. That would not be possible on a flat earth.

They believe that NASA is faking every image of earth, is to pretend that they are the only source of images of the earth. That means that every weatherperson showing storms or hurricanes, with a view from satellite which shows the globe earth, is all faked.

Time-lapse photos of the moon during a lunar partial eclipse, clearly showing the circular shadow produced by the ball-shaped earth.

Earth shadow on the moon proves globe earth

Goofy flat earth explanations about the Moon:

Flat earthers proclaim that the moon isn’t globe-shaped, but a flat disc.

One can prove that the moon is globe-shaped, as the craters on the moon are all circular.  But  around the edge, the craters appear elliptical, which proves that the surface is curving.

Flat earthers proclaim that the moon isn't globe-shaped, but a flat disc.


They claim that it’s impossible for people in Australia and Florida to see the moon at the same time on the globe earth.  But the opposite is true.  They claim that the Sun only illuminates one part of the flat earth, so it can be dark on the other side.  The same would be true of the moon, which would not be seen all around the flat earth.

Flat earth synchronized moon photos in Australia and Florida

Australia and Florida are not completely opposite each other on the globe, so if the moon is high above them somewhere in between them, both locations would be able to see it, and their orientation would be opposite, as you can see on this photo.

Globe earth moon photo from Australia and Florida

This image implies that a simultaneous moon sightings are not possible on a globe, but the irony is that it would not be possible on the flat earth either. 

They claim that the Sun only illuminates one part of the flat earth, so it can be dark on the other side.  The same would be true of the moon, which would not be seen all around the flat earth.  Are we supposed to believe that people in Australia and South America, which are on opposites sides of the supposed flat earth, are able to see the moon at the same time?

All that said, where is the proof that people in all of those cities actually saw the moon at the same time?

Moon sightings not possible on globe earth

Flat earthers say that the moon is transparent, that you can see through the non-illuminated part of the moon.

This is just goofy. Trusting your eyes about something that is so distant, is a formula for being deceived.

Flat earthers say that the moon is a flat disk.

The curve that is created from the illumination of the sun proves that it is in fact a ball.





















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Jamzen May 5, 2017 at 8:03 pm

Greetings From Western Jamaica!
FYI: 20170503 #Elisha2017 Destroys Flat Earth Prophets with PaperMoon! #FLATEARTH DEBUNKED!(?)


River July 8, 2017 at 5:22 am

What a shill compilation of assumptions presumption offered as given facts / truth. No, I will not explain. I prefer to let those who will be deceived be deceived and I care naught what anyone thinks about it.


David July 8, 2017 at 3:45 pm

Your comment says quite enough River, no need to explain! You say that you don’t care what anyone thinks about it, but here you are making accusations against me, so I can only conclude that you do care. 🙂


Nick July 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm

So you have an entire section of your website devoted to the moon, and yet you deliberately fail to even touch upon the enormous elephant in the room. Nasa, clearly, without any shadow of a doubt, faked the moon landings back in the late 60s early 70s. Any one who does even the slightest bit of research on this topic will undoubtably reach the same conclusion. They are even starting to slowly reveal now that humans have never left “low earth orbit” and that we no longer have access to the technology from back then. (a load of horse shit)
The fact you don’t even mention it shows to me that you are being extremely selective in your “debunking” and this indicates you are not being entirely honest.
As a side note, your section on Antartica is also misleading. Just because you can go on some CONTROLLED tours and to ESTABLISHED scientific bases doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t prove/disprove Antarticas shape, size, relevance, etc.
It has and always will be obvious that the powers that be will hide as much truth as they can, because knowledge is the ultimate means of control. The easiest way to maintain control is to convince those that are deceived that they are not deceived.

Anyone who is a real seeker of the truth will never fully commit to any paradigm, always look at things from all the angles, and recognize that there is always more to figure out and discover. For instance I don’t believe space is what they tell us it is, but I am currently taking a physics course at my college because I just wanted to experience the indoctrination for myself. So far it’s only confirmed that once the calculations leave tangible objects its all based on assumptions and mathematical reinforcement; however mathematical calculations on a page or computer do not equate to a real tangible observation and can easily be just that, numbers on a page.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle


David July 11, 2017 at 7:43 pm

Nick, in the third paragraph of the home page, and say “I know that NASA misleads people about their missions and uses CGI images, but that in itself doesn’t prove the flat earth. The enemy is quite devious, and may use those things on purpose to reinforce their deception.”

I understand that they have lied about some of their missions, such as the moon landing, but that doesn’t not prove that everything that they do is fake.

It’s funny that you just focus on me not noting the NASA moon landing, but you ignore all of the proofs on this page.


Fogeddabotit August 9, 2017 at 7:51 am

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle (quoted by Nick, above, July 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm)…
…Interesting… as that’s the only reason I’m here. I find it fascinating to think there is an entire community (cult) out there, who prehistorically / still believes the Earth is flat, as they did thousands of years ago. Intriguing, and I just want to know why, though comically speaking.

So far all I can come up with is, “NASA faked the moon-landing pics”… is all this nonsense based solely upon that statement? And who says? Seriously?? And even IF they did, how is that enough basis to form a belief system upon??? Govts lie to us all the time; that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they tell us is a lie.

Anyway, that’s why I came here… to hopefully help me understand how this group can grasp such an invalid argument and run with it, though when I ask certain questions (such as, “then how do planes fly to the edge of the stratosphere, yet stay inside the Earth’s gravitational sphere?”, or “how can a plane take off from Iceland and end back up in Iceland, just from flying straight west the whole way?” Each time I ask an FE for an explanation, all I ever hear is crickets. And yes, I’ve actually met one…

Then my other question to the FE community, is why would ‘the powers that may be’, conjure up such a ploy / hoax? Why? Sure, knowledge is power, but how much power could be gained by discovering that the Earth has been flat all along?

And while it’s true that Antarctica is guarded like Fort Knox was back in the day (of storing gold to back currency), it’s not for the reasons a FE’er swears by. None of us (the public) knows. But seriously… don’t you think if the Earth dropped off there, that govts wouldn’t use that as an evil capacity… to maybe throw prisoners into, or dissident citizens… or at least dump our trash into? Perhaps research the landfill problem the globe (that’s “globe”) is facing…

World leaders have far too many other hoax’s, lies, and disasters to manufacture, which costs a great deal of (taxpayer) money, that they never seem to get enough of. It would be a crafty ploy, but far too pricey to pull off all these years and get away with (the populous majority believes in a global Earth because the Stone Age is over).

Consequently, I’d be the first to apologize for mocking and then convert, if anything premise-wise were valid enough to convince me the Earth is flat.

Incidentally, the reason I chose the word “cult” in parenthesis earlier to describe this FE group is because, much like a religion (and I DO believe in God), I’ve also found that those who believe in this FE theory seem to defend its very concept without tangible proof, or when shown disproof, tend to blindly debate or sometimes ignore the rationality behind it. I just think it’s pointless to have a belief that’s not based upon facts, just for the sake of having one. I want hard evidence before I defend anything enough to form a belief upon it and IMO, I just think this whole FE theory has been well shot down, to the point of plain silly.


Nick November 20, 2017 at 4:48 pm

When you said “It’s impossible for people on the flat earth model to see the same side of the moon.”
Can you show me what the other side of the moon looks like? I would like to see the side of the moon that you have seen that no one has ever shared with us. thank you.


David November 20, 2017 at 5:11 pm

You are making my point. We cannot see the other side of the moon. But if the Earth were flat, and the moon simply rotating about us; we would see one side of the moon as it appears in the East; we would see the bottom of the moon as it passes overhead; and we would see the backside of the moon when it is sets in the West.


Kilven December 14, 2017 at 4:39 pm

No we would not. That would be plausible if the Moon was a sphere, but it is not it is it’s own light which is flat. So we only see one angle of the moon the entire time, we just don’t get to see the entire moon at it’s angle everyday unless it is a full moon. It stays at one stationary position, we have said it doesn’t spin, it has no rotation about itself. So therfore your entire theory is complete bull shit. You did not take into consideration what we have even said about the moon itself, you just went on and explained some shit that does not even tie in with what the flat earth is about.


David December 14, 2017 at 4:57 pm

Okay, so how does the moon provide its own power to illuminate itself?

And how does it create the phases?

And how does the disc stay up in the sky, and move around in a circle over the flat earth?

And why does it appear bigger and brighter on super moon months?


davide November 22, 2017 at 2:11 pm

I think you inteded to do a good job but you are proving absolutely nothing.
Your database is poor and the info you are giving are based on the given data to the public but I suggest you do do more reserch.
You also keept away unconfortable information on expedition that are actually reporting travelling thosand miles after the poles both north and sout (including A.B expeditions).
example ..about the moon..there are so many experiment about the light on the moon beeing colder thna the actual shadow proving that it is not reflecting the sun light but it has it’s on light..but you do no mention anything…if you really want to know about maybe you should read at least the “worlds behinde the poles”..after that you do your reserch and maybe you can start talking about the theory


John January 19, 2018 at 12:37 pm

This guy spent a lot of efforts to cover the truth about flat earth. No wonder he is being paid for, or maybe he is too indoctrinated, either way he is misleading people on PURPOSE. I don’t even bother to prove him wrong. Just explain to yourself how does the sun rays have a triangular shape when the sun it is flying above the clouds???


David January 19, 2018 at 2:59 pm

“This guy” is not paid a cent to post these proofs, and he’s not indoctrinated either. Read the home page and you see that I am open to the geocentric position of the earth, and I am aware that NASA has faked some of its missions. But those things in themselves do not prove that the earth is flat.

As for the sun rays through clouds creating a triangular shape, that argument is ridiculous. Applying simple geometry proves it wrong, as you can see on the perspective page.

The irony is that you commented on the moons page, which provides proofs that the moon is not flat, and the moon does not illuminate itself; as flat earthers proclaim. It would seem that you’re the one who is indoctrinated.


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