Flat Earthers Losing Family And Friends

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On the Flat Earth Deception home page, I asked, ‘why would the enemy create the flat earth deception?’

Because most flat earthers are sharing truth in other areas, whether it’s about coming out of churchianity, about the Illuminati and their agenda, etc.; so by getting them to believe in the flat earth, they cause family and friends to stop listening to all that they teach.

This page documents stories that flat earthers have shared on Facebook, in groups like Flat Earthers In Christ, which proves exactly what I’m saying.

Sadly, some flat earthers thing that it’s a bad of honor to be rejected by family and friends, for their flat earth religious faith. 🙁

Nicolette LaPierre

i have been a Christian since i was 18 and i’ve only been a flat earther for a few months. But i would like to know how you guys deal with the opposition from others when you are trying to share the truth with the people you love. I have never seen some of these people in my life get so angry and i have lost friends. 🙁 I have been so excited about this new truth but it has caused more problems for my husband and I, (he is a flat earther too). thanks

Raul Agular‎

If you want to loose friends and have people afraid to be near you say earth is

Kristen Nichole Slavens

You can also quickly become the neighborhood crazies! My husband mentioned flat earth to our neighbors that just moved in and now everyone around us avoids us

Cory Lion

I’ve lost friends too and I’ve had people end conversations and walk away to never talk to me again after I bring up a possible flat earth. Even when I just try to spring it in as another conspiracy that I might not believe when discussing conspiracy theories.

People have put faith into science and believing the earth is round. But don’t stop planting seeds. I was first introduced to a flat earth Christian group about four years ago. At the time I laughed and joked about how crazy they were…. years later I’m jumping at the chance to sound crazy by sharing my beliefs. You might not convert anyone outright but maybe you will start the questioning process.

Cory Popeye Cox

I explained flat earth to my mother the other day. She is one of the daintiest Christian women I know. We are very close, so her reaction was hurtful. She laughed at me and looked at me like she thought I was insane. She even made fun of the guy that told me about FE.

My twelve year-old nephew was present. He didn’t laugh or say a word. What is odd to me is how Christians get angry and think you are crazy. They sometimes even result to name calling. And then there is the question of why does it matter? So what do I tell them when they say it doesn’t make a difference what shape the earth is?

‎Daniel Cornell

IM LOSING MY FAMILIY they have been brainwashed since childbirth I cannot talk to them anymore. I FEEL SO SAD.

Tonya Morton

I’m not trying to hide the creator. I have tried talking to some of my family but they just roll their eyes and chuckle.

Theresa Turner

I know how u feel. I get tired of people acting like I am an idiot.

Alec Brandt Russell

I am getting ready to talk to my pastor about fe. I am preparing to be asked to step down from serving lol

ShawnandSara Parks

We had a similar experience as well. Once we talked about it with people in our church, including the pastor, we began to truly see just how ignorant people want to stay. We had to leave the church, because it was impossible to be there. We’ve been told that we’ve been deceived, or joined a cult even. Most of our family and friends have ridiculed us and some have even stopped speaking to us and we’ve been blocked on here by many.

Raymond-amity Colley

Our preacher told us we can’t be be a member of the church because we know we live on a flat earth and tried to tell us crap on how he knows the earth is ball.

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